Thursday, January 30, 2014

Campaign - The Diabolus Incursion! --- Introduction

I've had an itch to do something a little looser and a little more story driven than random pick up games, league games or a tournament.  So, a campaign seemed in order. 
I didn't want to make it too big, as such campaigns seem to fall apart.  I didn't want to just leave it open for everyone, as we would end up drawing in some who might make the experience less fun for the others.  No offense to anyone, but the needed attitude would be "hey, that would be cool" vs. "hey, this would let me crush them" and I felt some fit the mold more than others.  Plus the more players that get involved, you almost inevitably end up with more and more factions which can tend to dilute or overly convolute storylines. If this one works out hopefully we can take what we learn and do more and more ambitious campaigns and story driven events going forward.

So, I thought about the local regular players and came up with a good half dozen I thought would be up for it and have the right attitude. Then I thought about the armies they had available, and realized we had a lot of Orks and Chaos Marines.  Two ork players, two chaos players, and two (myself included) who could go either way.  So an ork vs. chaos campaign it would be!

I shot them my basic idea, and the ones I heard back from were on board, so I forged ahead.  The chart above shows the campaign tree outline.  A short campaign, three or four games but with several possible routes to the end.

With three players a side, it makes determining a winner each round easier and makes ties less likely, though far from impossible.  Each round we each play a game vs. one member of the opposing team.  When we all complete our games, we compile results.  If the balance of results is weighted towards one side (ie 3 wins, 2 wins, or one win and two draws favoring side X) we proceed down that track - "OV" for Ork Victory, "CV" for Chaos Victory.  If things are a flat draw (one win each and one draw or three draws) follow the Draw arrow.  

Each mission will feature some special rules, and may be weighted towards one side or the other.  My initial thought is to try to make the second mission weighted towards the winner of the first mission to reward them for winning, but then the third mission weighted more towards the underdog to make it harder for one side to get to total victory.  We'll see how the mission building goes.  Currently I have ideas but not all are typed up yet.

The basic thrust of the story is that an Ork Waaagh! breaks into realspace by a world held by Chaos as a recruiting/staging ground and all hell breaks loose, with the orks descending on the world.  The first mission, "Onslaught" represents the orks attempting to seize good landing sites for their larger craft.  Depending on how that goes, we'll see if the orks chase Chaos back to their lairs or if the forces of Chaos can turn the tables.  As fortunes fade, we will also see the effect of how fickle both orks and chaos marines can be towards their leaders, with forces joining up with the apparent winner (open up allies from the opposing side).  

I'll start posting up the missions, which are subject to change, soon and once we get around to actually playing the games I'll post up my own reports, general campaign progress, and any stuff the other players want to share as well.  
Hope you (and we!) enjoy it!

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