Friday, January 31, 2014

Diabolus Incursion - Mission 1 - Onslaught!


With the main Chaos fleets out raiding, the ships that remained - light system defense forces and already damaged ships undergoing repairs and refits - were no match for the sudden ork attack.  While a number of the ork kroozers and escorts were felled, the central hulk smashed aside all in its path.

Once the space-borne defenses were out of the way, the attack on the planet began.  Kannons of all sorts lashed the surface while swarms of dakkajets and bommas attempted to rule the skies.  Ramshackle landers descended even as tellyporta arrays sent elite mobs into the heart of the Chaos defenders.  Spaceports and other strategic sites were priority targets, with ork forces attempting to secure them to allow the larger landers easier access...

The first mission in the campaign represents the orks attempting to get good landing sites and knock the defenders back on their rear ends.  There is currently some discussion about replacing it with the initial old Planetstrike scenario, but here's the preliminary version:

Diabolus Incursion Mission 1 “Onslaught”


·        Use long table edges.

·        Roll off for choice of table side.

·        Roll for terrain density per standard missions.

·        Favored Ground:  Winner of the table side roll places the first terrain piece, starting with any Fortifications.  The Chaos player places two pieces for every one the Ork player places. 
·        Place four objectives, two placed by each player at least 18” from any table edge and at least 12” from any other objective.  The Chaos player places the first objective, then alternate.

·        Determine Warlord Traits and Psychic Powers.


·        The Chaos player deploys first, up to 24” in from his table edge.

·        The Ork player then deploys up to 6” from his table edge.

o   Deffwing Assault:  Any ork unit in Reserve may elect to Deep Strike. 
§  Half of those units rounding up will Deep Strike in Turn 1.  The remainder will roll for Reserves normally and Deep Strike when they arrive.

Starting the game:

·        The Ork player goes first on Turn 1 unless the Chaos player steals the initiative.

·        There is no Night Fight unless via Warlord Trait.

Other rules:

·        Air superiority: Both sides are throwing air assets into the battle to support or interdict the landings.  Any destroyed Flyer is recycled and re-enters play on the controlling player’s next turn as ongoing reserves.

Victory conditions:

·        Each objective is worth 3VP

·        Slay the Warlord 1VP

·        +1VP for any fortification gun with Interceptor (such as a Quad-Gun or Icarus Lascannon) controlled by the player at the end of the game.

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