Friday, January 10, 2014

And they shall know no rules! 40K demo prep

This Sunday I'm going to run some 40K demo games down at Gaming Underground.  I've got four armies prepped out, but if we end up with more interested parties we can split up some commands if necessary. 

Packing up the figures!  Into the bags and boxes with ye!

Better put those Chaos guys in first; they get unruly.
More Chaos.

More Chaos, cultists this time.

Some Space Marines to hold them down.

Some orks dog piling on top.

With an Imperial Guard tank to complete the sundae in this bag.

More Space Marines, this time with jump packs.

Another Imperial Guard tank along with some ork walkers.

Marine vehicles.

More marine vehicles.

Chaos vehicles.


More orks!


More guardsmen.

Still more guardsmen.

Ork trukks and lobbas.

1000pts of Orks, Space Marines, Chaos Marines, and Imperial Guard.  We'll be starting with just infantry models at 500pts, then adding in unit types/more rules as we go. We'll see how far we get.

But you can't run games with figures alone!

Sample packet - army list with some helpful information, summary sheet, mission sheets, game reference sheets.

Templates!  Can't go flaming people without templates!

Dice and tape measures.
...and rulebooks.
Tables and terrain are at the store, so as long as I remember to bring all this junk we should be good to go!

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