Sunday, January 26, 2014

40K League Game: Space Sharks vs. Orks 1500pts

Got the first game in for this new 40K league, vs. Eric's Orks.  1500pts, Hammer and Anvil deployment, Emperor's Will (one objective each).

I brought:

1500pts Space Marines, White Scars Chapter Tactics
HQ – Chapter Master with Artificer Armor, Bike, Burning Blade, meltabombs
Elite – Ironclad Dreadnought, heavy flamer/meltagun, chainfist
               Drop Pod with Deathwind launcher
Troops – 5xBikers, 2xMeltaguns, Vet sgt Powerfist, Multimelta attack bike
Troops – 10xTactical Marines, Missile Launcher, Flamer, vet sgt Powerfist
               Rhino with dozer blade and hunter killer missile
Troops – 10xTactical Marines, Meltagun, multimelta, vet sgt powerfist
               Rhino with dozer blade and hunter killer missile
Fast Attack – Land Speeder with multimelta and typhoon missile launcher
Fast Attack – 10xAssault Marines, 2xFlamers, vet sgt powerfist
Heavy Support – Whirlwind with dozer blade

Eric brought:

Warboss on bike, klaw, cybork plus ? (135+)  Don't know if had anything more like an attack squig or bosspole.

5xNob bikers, one klaw, painboy, cybork bodies (305)

15xLootas (225)

15xBurnas (225)

3xTrukk boy squads, nob with klaw, bosspole, trukk with shoota, red, boarding plank (157x3=471)

Battlewagon, deffrolla, red, grot riggers, 3xbig shootas (135)

Looted Wagon, boomgun, ard case (115)

Which adds up to...1611, plus any other upgrades I don't know about.  Hmm.

Space Shark deployment.  My plan is to avoid loota fire, use side shots and barrages to open up transports, then while the transported guys are walking, keep hitting them with the whirlwind while bulk of the army tries to hit the nobs around the same time.  Dread to land in back and take out guys covering his objective.

Ork deployment.  One trukk squad remains behind with lootas in neighboring ruin while rest push forward.  

Orks move up.  Orbital bombardment drops on battlewagon, but scatters off.  Still clips part of looted wagon.  S10 ordnance hit vs AV11 and....glance.  Whirlwind scatters off of nobs.  Speeder shoots up looted wagon but the one weapon that hits fails to pen.  Dread pods down behind trukk in the backfield, misses with its melta shot and fails to pen with the heavy flamer.

Orks advance more, and shoot down the speeder for First Blood.  Trukk in rear uses its boarding plank vs the Ironclad and the nob takes a hull point off.

Bikers and assault marines move up to take the fight to the nobs, with tacs ready to hit the second wave.  Whirlwind scatters off.  Dread's shooting whiffs against the trukk again.  Marine shooting vs. nobs fails to make a dent.  No worries, real goal is to tie them up.  Unfortunately both units fail to make the assault.  

Dread does manage to explode the trukk in assault, killing two boys in the explosion.

Biker nobs and warboss charge into Space Shark bikers.  HQs fight each other.  Burning blade takes all of one wound off of the Warboss, who passes the blind test for the unit and then crunches the Chapter Master.

Orks in backfield charge Ironclad.  A few more boys die.

A few bikers survive, and fail their hit&run check so stay locked in and preventing me from shooting the nobs.  Assault marines get shot up and fall back.

Nob destroys ironclad, but explosion takes a few more boys with it.

Assault marines and tacs move up.  Whirlwind manages to hit, and kills the last two boys in the backfield on the objective, leaving only the nob who fails his pin check but passes morale.  Krak missile to side of battlewagon fails to pen, as do meltagun and multimelta hits from the tac squad.  

Melta tacs charge battlewagon and blow it up with krak grenades.  Other tacs and assault marines pile in with the nobs.  Six powerfist attacks from the charging guys, one hit, which fails to wound.  

Burnas evaporate the melta tac squad, nobs chew up marines.

Twin tank shocks bunch up the burnas, and the whirlwind kills a bunch.  They make their pinning and morale checks.

Nobs finish off most of the marines.  After failing four hit and run checks, I make one and the tacs get away and are able to cover my objective turn five.  If the game ends here, I lose but only 5-3.  Game continues.  Tacs manage to kill the burnas, but trukk squad and nobs finish them off.  

Last marine before being clubbed to death by shootas.

If the dread or the whirlwind could have seen off the backfield squad, I could have tied it turn five.  Turn six, I could have lost 6-3.  If some earlier shots had gone better, I could have even won.  As it was, we went to turn seven and I lost 9-0.

All my luck wasn't bad.  I had some great armor saves at points.  But I had terrible luck against his vehicles.  I usually missed.  When I hit, I usually failed to pen.  My powerfists failed to perform, missing way too much and failing to wound half their hits.  I failed four out of five hit and run attempts.  And he had great luck for the first four turns with the nobs, making cybork saves and FNP like a champ.  Eventually they were whittled down, but it was too late.

We had some other games going on too - another 40K league game with Chaos Marines vs. Nids, with Nids winning.  Fantasy with Skaven vs. Empire and Lizardmen vs. Vampire Counts.


  1. As always, I love seeing your Sharks in action.

    1. Thanks! Always good to get the guys in grey out!


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