Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Void Phantoms - almost done!

Almost done with my Eldar/Dark Eldar Corsairs, the Void Phantoms.  Sealing and doing up a jetbike warlock and they'll be finished.

Here's the razorwing.  Canopy not glued in yet - I'll wait until after I seal it for that.  

I tried to do a super cool starscape scene on it, with nebulas, etc but it looked like crap.  So, stripped it back down and started over and left it pretty plain this time, no pun intended.

Swooping Hawks.  Some say it's heresy to do up aspect warriors in "unofficial" colors, but I'm not one of those.  For the corsairs, I see these guys and the other aspect warriors in the army more as elite corsairs with special gear, not as mystic mumbo jumbo warriors, so different outfits with similar color scheme to the others in the army.  I like how the green wings turned out.

I wasn't happy with the Wraithlord's face earlier, so went with adding some more green.  Bronze and silver with transparent green over it, gives a pretty neat shiny effect with some depth, I like it.

So I just need the jetbike warlock and a day with good weather to finish them off!  Then who knows?  More Sharks?  More Orks?  Chaos Marines?  We shall see...

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