Saturday, June 2, 2012

A wraith walks into a bar...

...and goes right through it, because they ignore terrain.  Ba dum ching.  Ever since I first saw the new plastic Necron Wraiths, I knew that I had to get a box, even though I don't play Necrons.  So, if I wasn't going to use them as Necrons, could I find another use for them?  Sure...
As long-time readers know, I can't stand the visuals for Chaos Obliterators.  Maybe these wraiths could serve as some sort of Dark Mechanicus fashioned, daemon-possessed weapons platforms?  How would a wraith look covered in spikes and Chaos stuff?

Let's find out!

Kai Gun and secondary weapons arrays all read as active.  Warp conduits online.

Teleport successful.  Purge commencing.
There are two more in the box, so I'll be converting those up into more Chaos wraiths as well.

As a kit, the wraith box is pretty nice.  Several options, goes together pretty easily for the most part once you figure the main body out, and the various arms and such are easily positioned.

My conversion is pretty basic, but there would be a lot of potential for further chaosifying these for someone more ambitious.  Greenstuff of course, and the various ports along the sides where the legs and bulbs go could just as easily sport tentacles and spawn parts.

Here's a regular shot without the photo effects.

Zzapity zzap!
 Thanks for looking, hope you like it!


  1. Wow, what a cool idea!

    Looks pretty damn cool and that's a really cool take on the Dark Mechanicus. Wonder if it'll match up well to the "Dragon" rumours are saying is coming to our new codex?

  2. Those looks awesome. Only downside is their size, being so easy to see because of their height, but then again it's equally an advantage for you.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Yeah, they're pretty tall. I hope it won't be much of an issue. If they teleport in, probably won't be in position to get much of a cover save, and have an inv. already anyways. If their LOS is an issue, we can work it out.

  4. They look good. I like the idea nad might have to pick up a few and use as Admech sentinels.


  5. Looking great!! Very nice idea ;)

  6. Thanks folks!

    @Col - Could definitely work, maybe with big servo-skulls as the heads.


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