Thursday, June 21, 2012

Space Sharks: Whirlwind


Here's the other part of my addition to my Space Sharks force for the 750pt level in the local escalation league (along with the bike captain), a Whirlwind.  Whoosh, boom.  


Non-flash pic.  

Other side.
 The launcher sections fit together pretty well without glue, so I left them that way.  I did glue a spare die to the bottom of the swivel-piece to help weigh it down.  Should make weapon destroyed results or Rhino conversions easier.


  1. My fav Space Marine tank! Love it!

  2. lol, thanks. I opened this page, started to scroll down & saw 'Take a number' and damned near spit my tea across my keyboard!

  3. Thanks folks!

    @Dai - I like it too, which is why it's included even though it's not as "efficient" as other choices. I think the redesign to remove the guy sitting at the controls was a good one, though I do like the old launchers.

    @DMC - Glad to help!

  4. Very cool! I always loved Whirlwinds - love the graffiti, hearkens back to the old Rogue Trader days. Keep up the great work!

  5. Looking good, I hope to see it across the battlefield soon.


  6. Love the 'heads up' and 'take a number,' reminds of me of the old RT book as well.

  7. Thanks folks! The RT era graffiti is definitely intentional and is throughout the army.

    @ColKillgore - indeed!


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