Monday, June 25, 2012

Allies: Dawn of a new Counts-As era?

With the coming of allies rules in 6th edition, I'm looking forward to simple pleasures like mixing Chaos Marines and Guard, Guard and Daemons, Chaos Marines and Daemons, and Guard and Marines.  

But there are certainly many more ways to use them; many more possible combinations.  But what is really interesting me at the moment are the possibilities for counts-as, whether simple or deep.  Especially for the armies that are Brothers in Arms and effectively function like one army, there are a lot of possibilities.

Wish that your Space Wolves could have a Stormtalon?  Now you can, and may as well paint it up in SW colors.  Upset that they don't get to use tanks named after their own primarch?  Now they can.  How about some Imperial Fists with special Terminator Devastator squads (Tau Broadsides)? True, you'll need some tag-along guys as well, but there will be some interesting options.

More intriguing for me are the kinds of full counts as armies we may start seeing in 6th edition given the possible combinations.  I know that personally, the decision for me on whether to do my Eldar Corsairs as Craftworld Eldar or Dark Eldar has suddenly become a whole lot easier!  But what about a Guard army with a strong abhuman contingent (made using Ork rules but modeled as squats/beastmen/etc.),  and there's even more potential for lots of AdMech armies and other things I can't even imagine at this point.  

What are you thinking of doing with allies?


  1. In sure many others will do that but wouldn't it take away the point of them being allies? Two different races/armies coming together for a common cause. To just make them count as would kinda take away the purpose imo

  2. I see it as the glorious return of the Imperial Forestry Service (and all of my other inquisitorial side shows, whereas my GK army as a whole will probably cease to exist). That and mixing my CSMs with my renegade IG is an obvious choice.

    Also gives incentive to having a small Kroot merc force if rumors of a Kroot HQ choice see the light of day. No need to give any of those pesky Tau a cut of the spoils...

  3. @lil will - For some people and some armies, sure. There will be plenty of folks that will want to do things with very distinct forces, like doing a combo ig and marine army fighting on Armageddon. I think that some others though will look at this as a way to do a single force that was not entirely possible before.

    @dmc - Look forward to seeing the return of the IFS!

  4. Allies is the one aspect of 6th that has me most excited. By allowing this once more, GW has opened up armies to once again be a lot more varied and interesting, which is always a good thing for this hobby.

  5. Probably combine the armies i made to be allies, now they can actually fight side by side on the battlefield legally ! (outside of apoc that is)

  6. Deathwing and Grey Knights for me.

  7. Hmmm, how about a mercenary themed force where you could use all sorts of crazy combinations involving Eldar pirates from either codex, human mercs using IG rules and maybe even use your ab-human idea for some counts-as Orks.

  8. @Dai - I do hope that that's what we'll see.

    @Impcommander - yep, should be fun to see a lot more mixed IG/CSM LatD type forces out there.

    @Alex - would be great, but I think it's going to be limited to one extra codex of allies, at least officially. Certainly no stopping you with your friends!

  9. I'm also leaning on traitor Guard for my CSM but I'll probably hold out (I say this now), for the Chaos codex. Money spent on IG is money not spent on Chaos and there's bound to be so many new toys for Chaos, as well as just generally making units better. We'll see how long I hold out.


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