Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Space Sharks: League games 750pts

Sunday I got in two league games at the new, higher 750pt level with the Space Sharks.  I added in the bike captain and the whirlwind to the two tac squads I already had for 500pts.

No pictures of the battles, but just as well as they weren't that exciting!

First game I was up against Josh and the Tyranids.  Josh is a new player, coming over from M:tG play for a cheaper hobby.  Yes, miniature ragers, you heard that right.  Competitive card play is more expensive than plastic crack.  He brought two Tervigons, Doom in a pod, termagants and a small genestealer squad.  Doom would not die and I rolled high on my Ld checks, losing units at a time.  The whirlwind did really well, blowing chunks out of termagant squads but the rest of the force disintegrated pretty thouroughly.  I managed to kill a number of termagants and almost take down one Tervigon, and his failure to do anything to the whirlwind kept him from getting the primary mission, though he easily got the secondary (two objectives).  Minor loss for the Sharks.

Second game was against James M (we have a lot of Jim and James players) who brought his Thousand Sons (run as undivided).  One ten man squad, one five man, both in rhinos, a winged DP, a plasma cannon dread and two obliterators.  I started out the game with a massive run of sixes, blowing up both of his rhinos.  Primary mission was assassin (kill enemy HQ) and secondary was kill points, so I was already way ahead and could have just hunkered down.  Deciding against the smart move, I moved out towards his lines.  My transports got blasted, leaving the captain to take the fight to the enemy alone.  He carved down a few Chaos marines and drew the Daemon Prince out but flubbed both his own attacks and his Iron Halo saves against the prince's blows, dying horribly.  We ended up tying on kill points, so again only a minor loss for the Sharks.

The rest of this round should still be in 5th edition, though I suspect that there will be a lot of 6th ed talk around the tables!


  1. I REALLY like the look of that bike! is that an old school jetbike? goes great with the helmet and shark theme. really nice build.

  2. Thanks BCT! It's an Iron Shark jetbike from Kromlech.

    Can see some other shots at





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