Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hobby Progress...such as it is

Between weather, a very full opening few weeks for the semester, having a "cold" for two weeks and caring for my wife after knee surgery I haven't gotten much done hobby-wise lately, and I doubt much will get done in the near future.  When I have the time, don't feel like it (ie late at night when everyone else asleep), when I feel like it don't have the time.

Things will get back on track, but it may take a little while.

I have managed to squeeze a little bit in.  Mostly cleaning and putting figures on bases, for another side project.

Namely, the forces and foes of Mogambia!

In the occasional D&D game I'm running, one of the PCs is a prince of Mogambia, essentially a fictionalized fantasy Africa equivalent.  While he's been away, bad things have started happening at home, and eventually the party will find their way there and hopefully take care of business.  They'll deal with the outlying tribes, cultists of Yeenoghu, Gnolls, Ghouls, Demons and whatnot.  First they have to get off of the dinosaur-infested island they're on, cross a desert and deal with the dark forces raised by another of the PCs' brothers and whatever other random obstacles present themselves. Good times.

As far as I know, all of these guys are Old Glory figs.  This first batch is a bunch of archers, able to be used for warriors on either side.  Not pictured are also a pack of Wargames Factory plastic Zulus which will be used (more often at least) as loyal Mogambians.

Leaders and wizard types.  Again, could be used for either side.

Some of the really fun guys, warriors with big masks. The giant masks are cool.  I've always liked that look of big ceremonial masks, and the idea of a whole group of dudes with magic powers wearing them into battle appeals to me.  They also remind me of a City of Heroes villain group that had a bunch of free-floating masks.  I'll have to include something like that too, like spirits of old shamans that have possessed prepared masks.

More of the masked guys.  I figure most of these guys will have some spellcasting ability themselves, and the masks will have various powers too, for some just extra protection, but for others likely some extra abilities too.

Shields for the masked dudes; will probably have extra abilities too. 

It'll be a while before the party gets to deal with these guys, so they'll go back on the back burner for a while, but gluing guys to bases and cleaning up flash was the kind of stuff I could handle lately, and any progress is good progress!  Once time starts opening up again I'll be getting more painting done on the Scythiak.

And hopefully my IA10 will arrive sometime soon!


  1. Best of luck to you getting back in the swing of things, it does sound like you've been quite busy. I hope you're doing well otherwise and that your wife's knee heals quickly.

    I really like what you've got planned for your D&D game, I bet that's a fun setting in which to play. Dino Islands are always great! Cool minis too, those masked guys are especially neat.

  2. It's basically a somewhat modified Isle of Dread, from way back in "Expert" D&D.

  3. Whole armies in DnD games? That never happens in the games I play. :o

    Like the new look of the site.

  4. Thanks. May still tweak things, and can't get the headline to behave properly. Maybe someday I'll get a banner like the cool kids.

    Big events, big forces! They'll probably be breaking into double-digit levels by then, so foes will need to either be more, more powerful, or both to challenge them. While large battles may occur, most of the stuff the PCs are directly involved with will probably only be upwards of 50/side.


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