Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Roll for initiative.

Counterfett was asking about the D&D prepaints I have, so here's some pics for him, and others if you're interested.  First is a group shot of most of the ones I have, showing a variety of sizes and plastic effects like the cool partly transparent elementals.  Front and center is Khonan, one of my Scythiak figs (basically a GW Catachan with some extra bits) for scale.  (As an aside, seeing him among fantasy figs gives me an idea...I need to get one of the Night Lords batwing helmets and make a Scythiak version of Warduke.)

As you can see, I have a number of these guys.  Not shown are a few more, and the fact that I have multiples of some.  I also have TONS of HeroClix figs that we use for our superhero role playing games.  Given the all-inclusive nature of many supers games, some of these sometimes find their way in too.

These technically come as part of collectible packs, where you buy them sight unseen and don't know what you've got until you open it.  I have never bought a single one that way.  I get them all second-hand, sometimes through ebay lots but usually through singles-sellers like Popular Collections and Troll and Toad.  The rarity scales, especially in HeroClix where most figures have three power levels, often works in my favor.  Sometimes there's a cool figure that gets priced out of reach due to being "unique" or a rare model, but most of the time the stuff I want can be gotten cheaply - like ten cents to a dollar cheaply.  I think I may have paid three bucks for the huge fire elemental, but most and especially most of the Clix figs came in much lower.  Regardless of which way you get them, keep shipping costs in mind - better fewer big lots than weekly small orders!

Here's some closer pics of some of the D&D ones:

Couple of "Warforged" flanking an Iron Golem

Various elementals. 

Catapult, animated statue or stone golem, stone giant

Fuzzy menaces

Some evil cleric, efreet, gibbering mouther or something
Fiendish critters

Not D&D, rather a Star Wars "Junk Golem"


  1. There's definitely some gems to be had in both ranges. A lot of them can show up to the party as is to boot...

  2. I've collect a few for my 15mm armies.

  3. We have literally hundreds of these guys- all gained at garage sales.

  4. @Gyro - Yep, depending on how picky you are. For representing an encounter in an RPG my standards aren't too high.

    @Night Runner - What kinds of things do you use? I'd think they'd be pretty big for 15mm - use them as giant monsters and the like?

    @Loquacious - Yeah, for many things like this I think garage sales would be great. I just have trouble getting out of the house early enough on Saturdays.

  5. That's right. I use some of the dragons and there is that Dwarf Ancestor I use for a dwarf construct. They look cool and best of all are cheap compared to some of the metal lines out there.


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