Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Imperial Armour 10 Badab War Part 2 Arrives!

A nice little package from overseas arrived today, containing IA10!  I've only had time for a quick flip through at the moment, but it looks pretty good.  The poster is huge, being almost four feet tall. 

I also got a game in yesterday, and I did take pics but they turned out quite poorly.  I took my Word Bearers up against Eddie's newly acquired Ultramarines, or as I may refer to them, the Edeptus Astartes.  We rolled up a Battle Mission scenario, one of the Necron ones.  I ended up in the middle trying to defend five objectives while the Ultras rolled on from a secret table edge turn one.  Much carnage ensued, but in the end the Hell Hounds managed to repel the loyalist incursion.

As I'm writing this, Warhammer Forge Newsletter #1 has arrived in my in-box.  Let's FW Fantasy Chaos book coming out, and various Fantasy Nurgle gribblies up for pre-order.  Those plague toads could be good for someone making Nurgle counts-as Space Wolves for Thunder-cav...


  1. What are the special rules for the space sharks guy with the dual lightning claw chain fists?

  2. He can use the LC/CF either way, one unit of LC termies can be Troops, bolters can be switched for CCW, Furious Charge instead of Combat Tactics for army + rage if unit wins CC.

  3. Oh wow, he makes for a decent Vanilla Marines assault list.

    Libby with Null Zone

    10x LC terminators troops combat squaded into 2 units inside 2 LRC

    3x10 Tacs with CCW, Melta, MM, combi-flamer in Rhinos

    3x Typhoons
    3x Rifleman Dreads

    Not too terrible for an assaulty list.


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