Friday, January 28, 2011

Seriously? You aren't following these yet?

Just a few plugs today, generated by my wondering how in the world I had more followers at the moment than these much more deserving and talented folks.  They may have escaped your notice due to not posting as often as some, but that's even more reason to subscribe so that you don't miss out when they do post!

The Madhouse Workshop - Psychosis PC's bit of the blogosphere.  Great conversions, painting, and tips.  His conversions are generally so smooth you think that the figure was meant to be made that way.  And I guess that in the end, it was, but the manufacturers just didn't realize it.

 Wargaming Tradecraft - N++/Dave G's hideout.  Again, great painting tutorials and great tips on a number of subjects.  My recent snazzy tabs (you did notice those, didn't you?) are a result of one of his recent blog-fu posts.  If you're wondering how to do something, check here and odds are you'll find something helpful.

Hungry Ghosts Chaos Squats - Much more focused than many blogs, this guy does one thing, Chaos Squats, but he does them thoroughly.  He's got devotion.  Not only can you see an unusual army, you also get in-depth articles about the history of Squats and their models, but also when he goes over a piece, you don't just get to see what he did, he also goes into detail about why he made the choices he did, which I find fascinating.  He puts a lot of thought into every piece, and maybe a little of that may rub off.

And another reminder about Deepstrike Radio's Queensland Flood Appeal.  If you can help with that or other Queensland relief, great.  If not, help somewhere else - there's plenty of other places around the world that need it.  If you can't help there, help closer to home.  As some wise men advised, "Be most excellent to each other."

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  1. I followed the first one, or at least subscribed to the RSS feed and added it to my blogroll.


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