Friday, March 19, 2010

Nothing could be sweeter

Now, normally I'm a pretty laid back player.  But I do admit that there are few things finer in (gaming) life than taking some smack-talking chowderhead and completely wiping the floor with them.  Preferably with many witnesses.  It's fun to track the precipitous drop-off of their bragging as the game starts to go against them, and to see the fear and incomprehension come into their expression as their supposedly unbeatable master plan or killer unit goes into the toilet.  And once their overconfidence (which is often overcompensation to begin with) is broken, it generally gets even easier from there.

Maybe I'm not the best person for taking pleasure in that, but God help me, I do.


  1. Heh.

    I know there's a clear inverse relationship between how much of an ass my opponent may be and how content I am to lose to them.

  2. I have a feeling I was at the other side of this experience last night at the club when I got my arse handed to me on a plate twice in a row.

    I must remember not to be overcocky, as the dice gods don't like it.

  3. Col.: There's definite differences between being confident, friendly smack-talk, and being an a**. I'm sure you didn't cross over to the last one.

    bsmoove: Don't want to go into details on specific matches, but you probably know the type - convinced that their TH/SS terminators or psyker squad are invincible, think that Tau or non-cult CSM will be a walkover, predict tabling you by turn 3, etc. Choads. The specific impetus for the post wasn't even 40K related, rather from a computer card game, smack-talking about "You know I am going to destroy you" etc. Crushed him, felt very good. I did resist the urge to ask him "When exactly is it that you're going to start destroying me?"

  4. No, in truth, I was a bit of an arse at that point in the game. I sort of positioned myself to completely wipe out all his heavy hitters in one good and was a bit cocky about it.

    The dice gods duly punished me - lesson learnt.

  5. Ah, we've all done it. It's only human to enjoy getting the upper hand on someone who is bugging you.

    So, in fact, if you don't do it you're being inhuman, and then the Inquisition will come for you, which settles it in my mind ;)


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