Sunday, October 23, 2016

Shards of Anaris - Finale

Today we culminated the Shards of Anaris campaign.  Scott and his Space Wolves and Leonard and his Orks were tied far ahead of the rest of us, and no one would have time to catch up.  Since they were the clear leaders, I floated the idea to them that they should slug it out in a large game for supremacy, and any other players available could support them.  This also was our first game using the splendid ork scrapyard terrain that awesome guy but infrequent player Ben created.

Some pics of the terrain before we get to the game:

Mek shop wiht some serious ventilation. 

Drive through workshop?

One of two watchtowers.

Containers with sigils showing they were properly looted.

The scrapyard ready for battle, with a few older pieces and rocks thrown in.

The orks' shards led them to the desolated world where a collection of other shards had ended up.  They immediately start operations to dig them up and recover them.  Realizing that the race was over and that they were not going to have enough to reforge the weapon themselves, the Endless Ones throw their lot in with the orks, giving them the few shards they had collected themselves and expertise on crafting the god-weapon.  With such a weapon at the head of an ork Waaaagh, there were sure to be plenty of opportunities for the Chaos Marines while the Imperium dealt with the threat.

However, the Space Wolves were hot on the trail, and the Ultramarines offered their aid in stopping the forming Waaaagh.  They seize part of the ork operation in a swift assault while a second wave in drop pods prepares to arrive.

The orks and Space Wolves had 2500pts each, while my Chaos Marines backing the orks and sonofsonsoftaurus' Ultramarines backing the SW had 1000pts each.  There are six objectives around the compound.

(the white rhino is another whirlwind).  This pic was taken before two long fang packs had been deployed, temporarily forgotten about in the glee of putting all the tanks and wulfen and thunderwolves down.


Centurions arrive and light up the gorkanaut, immobilizing it.

Grey Hunters pod in and try to shoot up the back of the Defiler.  Much to Scott's annoyance, I manage to pass all three daemonic saves and shrug off his attempts.

Battlewagons surge ahead, launching a mob of boys into the centurions.  Ultramarine terminators teleport in  towards the middle.

Defiler and dreadnought turn to deal with the drop-pod threat.

Though thoroughly shot up by CSM and lootas, one Thunderwolf and a rune priest biker make it to the chaos marines, break them and scatter them to the winds.

More Ultramarines pod in and melta the gorkanaut, exploding it.  Space Wolf speeders do the same to the ork battlewagons.  Out in the open, the ork warboss William Waaaghus and his nobs are pummeled by fire from a vindicator, whirlwinds and long fangs, losing most of the nobs and falling back/being blown back by the series of explosions.

Wolves and wulfen rescue the surviving centurion.

Kans try to hold the line.  Koptas arrive on the far flank and take out the demolisher, but they are soon jumped by thunderwolves.

Second mob of orks, much depleted, slugging it out with wulfen.

Ultras advance on lootas.

Kans gunned down, the last solid unit the orks had.  The remaining cultists and gretchin will not be much of a match for the assembled astartes, and the game is called.  Victory for the Space Wolves!  The Rune Priests and Iron Priests take the assembled shards back to Fenris, where they forge a mighty weapon.  Satisfied with their work, they lock it deep in the Fang, awaiting the day when Russ shall return to wield it. 

Congrats to Scott for pulling out the win even after a rough first turn, and for winning the campaign!  Thanks to everyone who played, even if it was just for a few games.  Special thanks to Ben for the awesome terrain that he finished just in time for this final battle of the campaign!


  1. Great ork terrain, looks good! Good to hear people still play campaigns as well.

    1. Thanks! Yep, we tend to keep leagues/campaigns of one sort or another going, trying different things out.


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