Monday, October 10, 2016

Southern Front 2016

Sonofsonsoftaurus and I made it out to this year's Southern Front convention in Raleigh, missing the first day but arriving early Saturday morning for day two.  Above, the jungles of Venus prepare for all sorts of dinosaurs, walking machines and airships.


Dinosaur and clockwork striding coach.

US Marines speed towards the Japanese defended shores.  

1920s Nicaragua, rebels vs. US Marines.

Swedes vs. Russians and Saxons, 1706.  All the tables were great, but this one stood out to me aesthetically.  

After the first round of games was done and the second were just getting started, Hurricane Matthew blew through and knocked out the hotel's power, casting the convention into darkness!  But with a room full of miniatures, terrain and dice ready to go, gamers would not be denied.  Lights were found and the games slogged on!

Appropriately enough, this was billed as a Dark Age game.  Normans vs. Saxons.

British ships in 1799 off the coast of Corsica try to intercept ships with some rather historic passengers.

Swedes and their foes continue to clash in the dim light.

Mass Dr. Who game (temporarily illuminated by flash).  

Normans prepare to ford the stream and attack the Saxons.

Dark Ages, without flash.  Must be a pre-dawn attack!

Medieval forces clash.  Chain mail is much better than slacks and a shield.

After the second game, we went to dinner, then came back and hung out a bit.  A large group were doing a Cthulhu board game with the aid of candlelight and tequila nearby.  We were feeling a bit tired, so started the climb up the dim stairwells to our room on the 6th floor when the lights came back on!  Then flickered off.  Then came back on and stayed on!  We trekked back down and got into a Stalingrad battle.

Sunday saw us still with power, and more games rolled along.

Setup for a fantasy-themed Zombicide game we played in, large group of fantasy adventurers cooperatively chopping through the undead.

Confederates try to overwhelm the Union defenders before reinforcements arrive.

I had a good time, sonofsonsoftaurus had a blast (the games were a big part of it, but don't discount the appeal of navigating a dark hotel by flashlight for a ten-year old).  I've got a few ideas of my own for games to run in a future year, but we'll see if I get figures, terrain, and rules worked out by next year.

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