Sunday, October 16, 2016

Iron Warriors begin, Shards of Anaris report

I got a small start on the Iron Warriors, assembling the captain and swapping out the bare head for a helmet.

The rest of the bits so far, sorted out.

Scott and I got in a 1750pt game in the Shards of Anaris campaign, where we each bring a Shard and slug it out.

I cluster towards one corner and await the Wolves.

With a little speed boost from the Wulfen, the Thunderwolves make it to the cultist screen.

They tear through the cultists, but return fire downs half of them, and spawn and terminators make it into combat with them.  Dread falls short.

The Thunderwolves dispatched the terminators, and Wulfen took out Spawn.  Dread makes it into combat but fails to make an impact.  Marines charge into wulfen and kill a few.

Berzerkers had hoped to follow-up with the dread, but it was wrecked too fast, and the thunderwolves overrun them.  Meanwhile defiler and havocs have been shooting at grey hunter rhinos and more wulfen.

Thunderwolves get shot up, leaving only the lord.  Rhinos block off access to the wulfen combat, but the wulfen manage to pull it out on their own.  Wulfen recover the shard from the sorcerer and the wolves pull out, victorious!

We also had a game going on with Nathan and Leonard, Necrons vs. Orks.  Orks pulled this one out.  


  1. Yes, I was thinking of doing a head swap for that termie as well...

    1. I just don't like bare-headed space marines. I trimmed down the space the head goes and the head itself a bit to make it fit. I've seen other pics where they've removed the gorget to make the head fit more easily/be more visible.


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