Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dozer some good questions dere

So, I'm actually making progress on my Sons of Taurus and have put a little more paint on the Vindicator.  The question became, "what to put on the dozer blade?"

Leave it largely as is? (...probably not)
Weather it heavily?
Fill the main area in black + weather?
Add a big skull or something?
Paint a bull head symbol on it?
Hazard stripes (don't think they would look good)
Something else?
It would need to be fairly simple; I am not up for an intricate mural of demonic bulls trampling on people.  As cool as that would be.  Any suggestions?
I also have a lot of the basic colors down on the marines.  Weapons/pads/packs and washes/touchups/basing to go!


  1. Aye, the filling in the recessed section in black and then weathered would definitely look good. I agree that the typical yellow and black hazard stripes would look out of place, but perhaps red and black instead? Could tie out well with the red spot colors you have on the infantry...

    That's a great looking force!

    1. I was going to say a large Khorne symbol until I read your idea, I definitely second the red black hazard stripes.

    2. Yeah, I was considering whether a deeper darker yellow might work, but red might be even better. In the end I don't think I'll go that way but thanks!

  2. I Defo think you should make the dozen teeth at the bottom metallic and weathered, something similar to my humble Vindicators. And as a matter of taste, maybe the sides of the dozen blade?

    1. Dozer... Not dozen, darn auto correct...

    2. Love your vindis (and Relictors in general)! I do think I'll weather the teeth, black out the middle and trim down one of the remaining brass etch pieces to put on it as well.


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