Sunday, April 10, 2016

Non-league interlude - Sons of Taurus and Nurgle CSM vs. Dark Angels and Imperial Guard

Last weekend two players new to our store, Anne-Marie and James brought their Imperial forces in and we arranged a quick rumble with my own Sons of Taurus and returning player John's Nurgle Chaos Space Marines.  All their armies looked great, and I was especially impressed with the Dark Angels motor pool (not pictured, hopefully in the future).

Note the Nurgle-ized rhinos
Catachans!  With only the enemy and not the environment trying to kill you it's a welcome change.
Plague marines move up on left flank to secure one of the three objectives.

Minotaurs barge into the center

...but soon run afoul of the Dark Angels dreadnought.

Outflanking cultists kill a few guardsmen but quickly retreat when facing an enemy that shoots back.

Monster of the match, the maulerfiend.  Had an incredibly lucky day, surviving a ton of shots that failed to penetrate and made a lot of invulnerable saves.

The doubles match was a nice change of pace, and always nice to play new folks.  I hope that they'll all be back!

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