Sunday, April 17, 2016

League Battle Report - Sons of Taurus vs. Imperial Fists, Angels of Death edition!

I picked up the Angels of Death supplement today, and Leonard and I used some parts of it for our battle with my Sons of Taurus Chaos Marines against his Imperial Fists.

Our league is at 1500pts now.  I added 20 marines tricked out with extra close combat weapons, two meltaguns, Mark of Hashut Enraged (aka Khorne), icon of wrath and powerfist champion, as well as a vindicator.

Leonard's Imperial Fists are largely built out of the Betrayal at Calth box, and he has been using the Contemptor dreadnought as an Ironclad.  We decided to use the handy rules for Contemptors (really GW?  No drop pod or heavy flamer options?) to swap the Ironclad for a Contemptor, and rolled up one of the Altar of War missions, Emperor's Fist.  

The battlefield.  Mission uses table quarters, I set up in top left, Fists in bottom right.

You also only start with Fast Attack on the table, but vehicles can roll for reserves turn 1 on 4+.  I had my Spawn (minotaurs) and Fists had a Land Speeder Storm that had moved ahead of our main forces.  Imperial Fists Scouts also took up positions in the brown ruin and in the crater between the speeder and brown ruin, while Minos the Malign and the 20-marine squad infiltrated by the ruin near the speeder.

Drop pods arrive with tactical squad and Contemptor dreadnought.

But chaos dreadnoughts burst from hiding and shoot the Contemptor in the back, stunning it!

Another pod arrives with more marines...

...and combined fire from several units takes out the spawn.

Centurions also arrive to blast my poor chaos marines (played here by the Wild Bunch while I work on painting the actual Sons of Taurus marines.  Chaos trim/edging is the bane of my existence.

Centurions take out a bunch of chaos marines, but enough survive to take out a tactical squad, unfortunately wiping them out instead of staying stuck in combat during the next IF turn.

Maulerfiend and some cultists arrive to try to take out scouts and secure objective.

Meltagun takes out one dread.

While contemptor tackles the other.  Overwatch from the reaper autocannon managed two hits and two glances, one of which was saved by shielding.  

Unfortunately for him, not enough to stop the contemptor from beating him into paste.  

Much-reduced chaos marine unit makes it to centurions and proceeds to beat face.

And soon are on their way to the devastators.

Maulerfiend swats down speeder, but is soon immobilized by a scout-fire missile launcher.

Cultists had tried to charge scouts but failed, leaving them in range of dreadnought assault.  It does not go well for the cultists.

Terminators secure objective.  Obliterator and Vindicator try to shoot them off of it.  I kill several, but not enough.

More cultists had skirted the dread and assaulted the scouts.  Eventually the scouts all die but the dread joins the fight and destroys the cultists.

Meltagun destroys vindicator after several turns of trying.  
Obliterator kills another terminator with shooting and charges in to finish them off, confident in his ability to withstand lightning claws.  The terminators manage two wounds, I roll saves and...

...down he goes.  Oh well.  Victory for the Imperial Fists!  Fun game with a lot of back and forth and some crazy rolls on both sides. 

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