Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Commissar's in Town, uh oh

I had a nice email from reader Catachan Commissar with some pictures of his kitbashed guard and other things I had asked him about back in the comments on my kitbashing post a while back, and graciously agreed to let me post them so all of you can see them too.  You may be able to see more on Twitter under #warmongers.

Above are rough riders on bikes, an idea he was inspired to do by Mordian 7th.  Ramshackle Games bikes plus parts from Victoria Lamb.


Carapace-armord veteran, with a helmet that is much scarier than his weapon.  Such is the life of a guardsman.  Maxmini head and cut up SM shoulder pad for the extra armor. 

Armored might, protecting the Friends DVDs.  I really like those turrets.  I keep seeing great stuff in that kind of color, I may have to do a blue-green army sometime.

And last but not least, the stompa destined to bring balance between Gork and Mork...or not.

His force choke is a D weapon
Thanks for sharing Catachan Commissar!  I always love hearing from readers and seeing their stuff!  Click on my profile on the right to send me an email if you're so inclined yourself.


  1. You're the best! Thanks for sharing my work. Gotta protect those groins!

    I'm notgregorym on Twitter, and anyone interested in sharing about tabletop gaming use the hash tag #warmongers and follow the retweet trail!

    Thanks again, and as Joey says; "how you doin?"

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