Friday, March 11, 2016

League Battle Report: Sons of Taurus vs. Imperial Fists 1000pts

My technical incompetence in getting pictures over to my newer computer and photobucket kicked in heavily this time, so it has taken me a while to get this report up.  As part of our escalation league my Sons of Taurus squared off against Leonard's Imperial Fists.  My cultists and minotaur spawn were renforced by a second dread, a maulerfiend, an obliterator and Minos the Malign, a counts-as Huron Blackheart.  The loyalists had two tac squads in pods, ironclad dreadnought in pod, devastator squad with missile launchers, scouts, and a chaplain. We were playing The Scouring (six objectives with variable values) and vanguard strike deployment.

While we were playing, the Death Korps of Krieg took on the Eldar:

Though many Eldar were slain and it was a close-run affair, the Krieg were unable to finish off the Wraithknight, which romped through their lines and secured the win.
Sons of Taurus string out, ready to charge across at the tripwire scout and devastators while drop pods streak down from orbit.

In the distance, a cultist mob that infiltrated gets close to the devastators in the far ruin.  The dread in the bottom right moves up on scouts.  Lucky shots took out the landspeeder storm.

First pod slams down, and Brother-Ancient Lemmy strides out.  He turns to engage the chaos dread but goes down to a lucky multimelta hit.

Tac squad also arrives, severely punishing the cultists with bolter and flamer.  The cultists break and flee from the battle.

Spawnotaurs assault the marines.

Deepstriking obliterator mishaps and is placed in my far corner.

Minofiend joins the fray, limping along on one hull point.  He never made an It Will not Die roll, but managed to shrug off the krak grenades that came his way.

Second squad of marines with chaplain arrive.  Minos the Malign detaches, flames them but fails his charge and is gunned down.

Survivors and chaplain move towards the 4pt objective, but fail their own charge initially.  They ultimately clear the ruin of cultists but in a twist of fate, the misplaced obliterator is in a perfect position to blast them out in turn.

Moving in on devastators.

The Sons of Taurus managed the win, but things definitely see-sawed back and forth for quite a while.  Next time, Krieg, Dark Angels or Eldar!

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