Sunday, March 13, 2016

League Battle Report: Sons of Taurus vs. Eldar 1000pts

Played a 1000pt game with Cayla's Ulthwe' Eldar as part of our league, rolling up Relic.  Not wanting to immediately get assaulted by the Wraithknight, I chose to let the Eldar go first, which with Jetbikes and the Relic is generally not a good idea.

Eldar fire blew away many cultists, and as expected jetbikes scampered away with the Relic.  The wraithknight wasn't moved up as aggressively as I had thought it would be, leaving my planned walker team-up with a long way to go.  

Only the maulerfiend made it to contact, with predictable results.  After I had declared the charge and rolled distance I realized I probably should have changed angles and hit the jetbikes instead.  Too caught up in original plan, even after the dreads failed their charges.

Bikers and dire avengers wipe out the big cultist mob and my HQ, crimson hunter takes out one dread.  Other dread moves to the side and tries to draw wraithknight further away from the relic while minotaurs pursue.

La cucaracha, la cucaracha...

Minotaurs were tied up for several rounds by a five-man dire avenger squad, but they finally finish them off and pursue the relic.

They manage to engage and destroy the bikes, seizing the relic at the bottom of turn five, with the game ending  before the rest of the Eldar can react.  Cayla had all three of the secondary objectives, so we ended up with a tie!  Given these were my only two models remaining on the table and I had killed all of three jetbikes and five dire avengers (plus perils-suicide Warlock) it was a thorough beating if you don't look at VPs.  I'll take a tie with CSM vs. Eldar any day!

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