Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sons of Taurus: Cultists and Walkers

Finished up the Sons of Taurus cultists and based the walkers.

Went with browns/reds.  One, I think it looks nice, two, think it goes well with the copper of the SoT armor, and similar to the Scythiak in case I want to combine them someday as IA13 Renegades or something.

Half of the assault guys are like the guy seen here second from the left, WHFB Empire Flagellants with Pig Iron heads.  A lot of the cultists have gas masks and/or chemical injectors, thought the Pig Iron heads were a good tie-in.  I figure the masks help feed them with combat drugs as much as keep other stuff out.

Walkers, two dreads and maulerfiend.

I also had another league game today, against Alex and his Tau (proxied at the moment).  Way too many shots for cultists to survive, but I got the spawn and dread up into him.  He was leading 2-1 (first blood and warlord) when the game ended turn 5, if we had gone on to 6 or 7 the SoT would have won and potentially even tabled him.  Them's the breaks.


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