Sunday, March 20, 2016

League Battle Report: Sons of Taurus vs. Death Korps of Krieg 1000pts Big Guns Never Tire!

Got in a 1000pt league battle with Scott's Death Korps of Krieg, on his new mat from
 We rolled up Big Guns Never Tire, which seemed appropriate for Krieg and the fact that I'm using a counts-as Huron Blackheart ("Minos the Malign"). ("Though my guards may sleep and my ships may lay at anchor, our foes know full well that the big guns never tire.")  Scott's Medusa is heavy support, as are my obliterator and maulerfiend.

Scott also gave me a present, custom minotaur templates!  I had seen these on ebay by chimeracraft and was tempted by these and the Space Sharks set but didn't pull the trigger myself.  If you are interested yourself, the symbols at least for the ones we got are raised, not just painted on or in the base template itself.  Nothing wrong with that, just not obvious from the pictures we had seen.  Very pleased with them, and I will probably end up getting the Space Sharks ones before too long.

Krieg lines.  A Death Rider detachment - three squads of death riders backed up by some infantry and artillery.

Getting ready to cross no-man's land.

Quad-launcher shells and heavy bolter wipe out much of the big cultist mob, so Minos leaves them to their fate and hooks up with what he hopes is a sturdier collection of meatshields, the minotaurs.  Walkers advance as well.

Two squads of Death Riders charge into the minotaurs.  Their lances take a toll but don't take them all out.

One dread and cultist remnants charge in to help, and the Death Riders are eventually dealt with.

Maulerfiend had meanwhile run off the third death rider squad.

Maulerfiend continues his flanking attack while minotaur charges straight for the enemy lines, but is downed by lasgun overwatch fire.  

Maulerfiend gets into the middle of the Krieg lines and has many options of victims.  He chooses to hit the infantry squad on the objective after dread fire knocks out one of the lascannons.  

But it doesn't go too well.  Some well-placed krak grenades and failed invulnerable saves leave him wrecked.

Artillery has been pounding the poor cultists, wiping out the ones on my closest objective.  The surviving squad moves towards the center one which raging dreadnought left to charge heavy bolters and consolidate towards the krieg mass.  Obliterator churns forward, killing some guardsmen as he comes.

Dread gets exploded, cultists blown to pieces by artillery, leaving just my oblit.  He moves up to contest the Krieg objective, and guns down stray guardsman that was trying to make it to the middle objective.  If the game ends here, we would end up with a tie - no one with any objectives, both with Warlord, him with a point for killing heavy support (maulerfiend) and me with first blood (death riders).  But game continues to turn 7 and he is able to gun him down.  Victory for the Death Korps!

We also had Chris bring his Necrons out for a match against Cayla's Eldar (above) and Leonard's Imperial Fists took on Peter's Dark Angels (below).

I need to get back into some serious hobby-time, get details on the vindicator, oblits and the 40 marines waiting in the wings, hopefully there will be some hobby progress posts over the next few weeks!


  1. It was a great fight, one worthy of the books

  2. Great write-up and good fight between 2 good foes. All it needs is some Orc Dakka! John Bays


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