Sunday, March 27, 2016

Castles in the Sand

I picked these sand castle building buckets up at Dollar Tree, figuring for a buck each they would be worth fooling around with.  I took off the shovel and straps and primed them black.  Chaos temple, bastion stand in, maybe void shield generator?

Then a textured granite spray to give it a better stone appearance.  Added some decorations from the GW Arcane Ruins set.  I need to pick another one up sometime - the various big skulls have served me well.

I thought about trimming the raised lip off, but decided to try to incorporate it instead.  A little green paint on the bottom and floor wax on top (still drying in these pics) to make a moat of sorts.  Is it just algae?  Some sort of chaos slime?  Part of a mystic barrier containing or focusing the energies within?  Maybe all three.  I thought about trying to paint some kind of mystic portal for the doors, but am leaving them alone for now.

I found some neat faceted Easter eggs in various colors and thought about using them for a crystal dome/power crystal on the roof.  At the moment I think I will leave them off and leave the roof open.

One will end up in the local store (one of the reasons kept pretty simple - terrain in game stores tends to see rough use), the other will stay home.


  1. This is so cool -- an excellent idea a great execution!

  2. Ha, fun little project. For home use it might be nice to have some flags and banners. You could probably do them with magnets to make them a little more durable.


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