Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fifteen Years Later...

Way back in 2000 when I was getting back into 40K, Chaos Marines were one of the things I was building.  This was the codex back then in 3rd edition.  CSM figures were either all metal or metal/plastic combo kits.  Regular guys came in blisters.  In this ancient time I planned out my Chaos Marines and came up with the basic idea for the Sons of Taurus - renegades from the Minotaurs chapter who turned after the Badab War.  I made lists, collected figures, named characters and worked on paint schemes.

But it didn't click.  The schemes I was working on kept looking too much like something else, too Night Lords, too X, too Y.  So I shelved the idea and went on to other armies.  The itch resurfaced every now and then, but other projects kept winning out.
No longer!  Planning out a Khorne Daemonkin army, I asked myself that if I was really going to make another full Chaos Marine army (in addition to the Word Bearers, Endless Ones and Death Guard), why not finally do the Sons of Taurus instead?  I decided I could live with the copper-based paint scheme from a few years ago and started organizing parts, ordering shoulder pads and other parts, did a test model and started to build things.

So they're finally coming, and the name of this blog will finally make some sense.  Much more to come!


  1. The call of Chaos is strong and all eventually fall to it.

    Looking forward to seeing the army come together. I've had a blast with Khorne Daemonkin and it's hands-down my favorite codex.

  2. Khorne daemonkind is AWESOME! Such a great fun army!

  3. Congrats on finding yourself (so to speak)! ;) I'd say you can make your Sons look any way you want and pair them up with any codex you want. If you don't like the brass color scheme, don't use it! As long as you're spilling blood and collecting skulls, Khorne won't mind a bit.

  4. Making sense? Clearly you do not understand the nature of Chaos...


  5. Thanks all. While they will be KD compatible, I expect to run them as from the regular CSM book mostly. The basic list with a few changes will work with either book.


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