Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sons of Taurus: WIP Maulerfiend

Here's the Sons of Taurus' resident mechanical bull, a maulerfiend with horns courtesy of the ork battlewagon and tentatongue removed.  May need some dental work.

Straightforward build aside from the horns and tongue removal.  I went with the magma cutters over the tentacles for this guy for two reasons even though in general I think they look cooler.  One, I thought the tentacles would detract from the "bull" aspect.  Two, as giant robots become more and more prevalent I think the extra high strength/low AP hits will be nice to have.

He's being sprayed, and I'll start painting him soon.  Check back for updates in the days to come!


  1. Those horns are perfect. Nice one!

    You can't go wrong with either tentacles or magma. The tentacles are great for tying down other walkers or monstrous creatures. Of course magma cutters do what they do well, destroy armor and give an extra attack in general.

    1. Thanks. In general I think I'd like the tentacles for looks, if I end up with another one for some other army may go that route. But I doubt I'll get around to another of these anytime soon!

  2. I agree the horns look great. Now come play Fantasy :)


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