Sunday, May 31, 2015

Drop it! Silver Skulls vs. Scythiak Usuarpation

Scythiak deployment
This afternoon I got a game in with sonofsonsoftaurus.  He wanted to do a game with the high tech guys against the not so high tech guys, with both guys and tanks.  So we have an approximately 1000pt game with him running the Silver Skulls against the Scythiak.  4x4 map, no real mission beyond trash daddy's guys.  He set up the map with minimal guidance, mostly opening things up a bit to make his podding in easier.

The Scythiak set up defending the bridge, with a squad of melta-armed veterans hiding in ambush on the far side.
Sonofsonsoftaurus expresses his disdain for the defenders with mocking bunny ears on their tank and idol.

The first pod slams down on the far side of the bridge, heralding the beginning of the assault.  Flamer and bolt pistol cut down a number of the would-be bushwhackers.

Dreads drop down, roast half the rough riders and get a glance on the traitor Russ.  It turns to fire at one of the attackers, but lascannon and battlecannon both miss.  Lascannons and spawn-rider rockets both hit but fail to penetrate the other dreadnought.

Surviving rough riders redeploy to um, protect the spawn-riders.  Yeah.

More marines pod down and blast the remaining rough riders away.

The joy of covering everyone in an enemy squad with a flame template.

Speeder arrives as well, but multimelta and two TL lascannons somehow fail to scratch the Russ.

Assaulting power claws have more success.

More slaughter, and devastator squad arrives.  Speeder taken out by lascannon fire.

Dreads rampage.

Marines come across the bridge, using the bridge's structure to shield them from fire.

Meltas move up to engage the dreads.

One fails to pen, the other explodes the dread, killing several of the responsible squad, making them fall back and into the drop pod stormbolter killing fields.

Missile launcher devs organize and soon blow spawn-riders away.
They're coming right for us!

The agony of dice betrayal.  Bereft of his squad, Von Drakin is targeted by storm bolters...two hits, two failed wounds.  Another pod fires - two more hits, two more failed wounds.  

But you can't dodge death forever.  Dread is exploded by meltagun, and the fleeing cult leader dies in the explosion.  

Marines move in for the assault.  Shooting breaks the Scythiak who flee around the edge of the generator.  The marines charge, the Scythiak fail their rally test and are cut down.

Purging complete! 


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    1. Thanks! You can see more shots of them (and the Silver Skulls) in the Army Profiles tab at the top of the blog, and the Scythiak appear in plenty of other reports if you want to see more of them.


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