Monday, February 9, 2015

Bared Fangs: After Action

Thunderhawk down!

This weekend we got in our two-on-one game, Orks and Tau vs. Space Wolves.  See previous post for the scenario special rules.  

Wolves won the roll off and chose to make the Xenos go first.  He had three units of Thunderwolves in the crashed Thunderhawk, and a bunch of reinforcements, mostly in pods, ready to come to the beleaguered ship's aid.

Orks roll on in pursuit of the ship, careful to stay away from the nose/assault ramp.  


More Tau, featuring three riptides, including the Outcast of Vor'la (light blue, middle).  Tau open up on the Thawk, causing one hull point and a shaken result.

Orks run, flat out, turboboost a little further in.



Two units of wolves pile out of the hawk.  Third won't fit yet.  Interceptor fire from riptides tear up some grey hunters.  Random Thawk roll has the battlecannon come online, which we let fire even though it was shaken, and blasts into a riptide.

Getting too close!  Throw this thing into reverse!

Strafing run!

Orks back up to try to avoid charges while getting shots at approaching Thunderwolves.

More pods!



Look out riptides!

Third unit of thunderwolves make it out.

Thunderhawk gets a Reactor Buildup result, making it more prone to serious damage.  Shooting tears up ork bikers.

Fangs of Fenris reach the dread, but fall short of the battlewagon.  On the other end, Twolves reach the Outcast and beat him down.

Dread 'splodes without getting a swing in.

Black grey hunters hit crisis suits.

Kommandos arrive, and transports unload to dog pile the dogs.


Chasing down another riptide.

Koptas and biker nob charge into blood claws, but power mauls make short work of them.  Tau fusion suits, apparently not wanting the orks to get a chance to loot the thunderhawk, blow it to smithereens.  

Rotten Tau.

Grey Hunters run off one group of crisis suits and head back to avenge the thunderhawk.


Sicaran rolls on and shoots up the Tau commander.

Scratch one battlewagon!



Very efficient overwatch!  (What you do not see is the third unit of thunderwolves that used to be here.)

Blood claws pull back from lurking kommandos.

Corner cleared.

Kommandos make it to the blood claws but the few that remain soon regret it.

Lord and one wolf left amid piles and piles of bodies.

And soon a small pile of little bodies.

Stormfangclawwolf unloads another pack of blood claws.

Can't get me!

Trukks aren't long for the world, but the dakkajet makes it through.  Another strafing run on the thunderwolves but last Fang of Fenris survives.

Despite the loss of the thunderhawk, the wolves pull it out, having crippled both enemies while keeping the Fangs of Fenris (barely) alive and their forces over 50%.  Wolf victory 4-1!

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