Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bared Fangs: Prelude

This weekend we're going to have a two-on-one battle as part of our Triad Cluster campaign, with my Orks and Solomon's Tau double teaming Scott's Space Wolves.  Central to the game will be a crashed Thunderhawk, represented by the paper version above (or a re-creation) made by Jim Bowen that I won as a prize at a food drive hobby event we did a while back.  

"Your suspicions were correct sir.” Capt Milian reported, "recent transmissions intercepted appear that the orks and tau have formed an alliance.  After the recent ambush of the holy orders mission against the orks they were ambushed by the tau. Recent intelligence suggest that they are planning a coordinated attack against the southern most defenses."

"I'm with the lead team and we are en route now.” replied Tyr. “We are going to try to intercept one of them before the meeting to throw their plans off.  Have Harkin's team…..” Suddenly the communication went out, replaced by the sounds of explosions, static and fire.
“Lord Tyr come in…….Lord Tyr respond” Capt Milian replied in a calm but urgent voice. Seconds dragged into eternity when the pilot of the Thunderhawk replied back, silence rang thru the bridge like thunder “Broken Arrow, Broken Arrow…..we have a Thunderhawk down. I say again the package is down.”

Bared Fangs – 02/08/15

A Thunderhawk gunship carrying the Fangs of Fenris and other Space Wolves was just shot down.  The pilot managed to land it relatively intact but it still sustained major damage.  Nearby Ork and Tau forces rush to the scene to finish them off while more Space Wolves scramble to assist their brothers.

* Crashed Thunderhawk roughly in the middle of table.  Arrange terrain so as not to impede the “crash”.
* Fangs of Fenris and up to two other non-vehicle Space Wolf units plus attached characters deploy in the Thunderhawk.
*All other SW units start in Reserve.  Any units not arriving by Deep Strike arrive by Outflank (roll for which short board edge they arrive on).  Space Wolf units fall back towards the nearest short board edge.
*Ork and Tau units that are not in Reserve move on to the table from their respective long table edges turn one and fall back towards that same edge.  

Roll off for first turn, random game length.

The Thunderhawk:
*The Thunderhawk is in bad shape.  The on-board Iron Priest and servitors have managed to rig up a force field and are trying to repair it, but the damage is extensive. 
*AV12, 4HP, 5+ invulnerable save, It Will Not Die.  Treat any immobilized results as weapon destroyed instead.
*3 Twin-linked Heavy Bolters.  Fire at BS4, each may fire at separate targets.
*The front ramp (only) counts as an assault ramp.  Thunderwolves must exit via the front ramp. 
*If destroyed with an explodes result, explodes in 6” radius from hull.  Any models in the Thunderhawk or in the radius take a S5 hit.  If the damage result is 10 or higher, any models inside are destroyed, and explosion radius is 12” (still S5 hits).
*At the start of each SW shooting phase if the Thunderhawk has not been destroyed, roll a d6:
1 – Battle Cannon activated.  Can fire S8 AP3 large blast ordnance shot at BS4 from the battle cannon (45 degree arc).  Can fire independently of the heavy bolters.
2 – Maneuvering thrusters misfire.  Scatter TH 2d6”.  On a “hit” rotate the nose of the TH to the direction indicated on the small arrow and reroll scatter die.  Any unit passed through is treated like it has been tank shocked, but cannot attempt Death or Glory.  Vehicles rammed take a S8 hit.  Stop with table edge or any terrain difficult to place the model on/in.
3 – Heavy Bolter fire control error.  This turn fire at BS2 and each must fire at closest enemy target.
4 – Ammo cooks off.  Some of the TH ammo stores explode, threatening the passengers.  Roll again: 1-4 – heavy bolter ammo – each unit inside takes 2d6 S5 AP4 hits.  5-6 – battle cannon ammo – each unit inside takes 2d6 S8 AP3 hits, and apply S8 ordnance hit to the Thunderhawk itself.
5 – Locator beacon activated.  Any SW unit Deep Striking can land within 6” of the Thunderhawk with no scatter.
6 – Reactor buildup. Penetrating hits to TH get cumulative +1 to damage result for every reactor buildup result already rolled. 

Victory Points:
               +1 if Thunderhawk destroyed
+3 if Thunderhawk captured (treat TH as an objective).  Unit inside can secure/contest but the TH cannot contest/score itself.
+2 if Fangs of Fenris destroyed
+2 if SW reduced to 50% or fewer KP (not counting the TH)

*Space Wolves
               +3 if Thunderhawk survives and is not captured
               +1 if Orks reduced to 50% or fewer KP
+1 if Tau reduced to 50% or fewer KP
+1 if destroy the Steel Leejun
+1 if destroy the Outcast of Vor’la (Riptide)

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  1. That paper hawk looks great. Probably also actually transportable, vs the 5 lb monstrosity that is the resin one!


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