Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Scenario: Bridgehead

Scenario: Bridgehead!

Note: Best played with an Imperial Guard attacker against a defender that is not all-deepstrike (like Daemons or all-pod marines).

High Command has determined to attack the enemy over a defended river crossing. Local units have been assigned to force the river and secure a bridgehead on the far side.

Table Setup: Any terrain may be used, with the inclusion of a river roughly in the middle of the table running the length of the board. Also place two bridges at agreed upon points.

Defender decides upon units that will use deepstrike/infiltration etc. Of their remaining units, set up half (round down) within 12" of their board edge and the rest arrive as Reserves. Attacker then sets up their force 12" from their own edge. Defender may elect to open fire and take the first turn if desired. If they choose to hunker down and let the attacker take first turn, defending units get a +1 bonus to their cover saves (to a max possible 2+) for the first turn only.

Scenario Special Rules:

Infiltration and Scout work as normal, with the exception that Outflanking can only be used to bring units in on your starting side of the river.

The River: The river is considered to be impassible terrain to infantry. The sides of the riverbank provide opportunities for ramps for the daring, so bikes may jump the river if they Turboboost, but must take a dangerous terrain test when doing so and may not stop on the river itself. Vehicles treat the river as difficult terrain, but dozer blades/rams other gear that allows rerolls/ignoring difficult terrain do not work against the river. Should a vehicle manage to get itself immobilized in such a way that passengers could not disembark without passing through the river, determine the access point closest to a legal non-river area for them to deploy to - take dangerous terrain tests and deploy survivors in base to base as close to the river/vehicle as possible. The unit is then considered Entangled. Walkers may attempt to wade across the river, treating it as difficult and dangerous terrain.

Bridges: Units that can fit on the bridge can cross it freely. The bridges may be destroyed in similar ways to a building - consider them to be AV14, and are wrecked on any penetrating or glancing hit. Should a sufficiently powerful blast land on a bridge be sure to check a hit against the bridge as well - be careful what you shoot at the defenders! If a bridge is wrecked any models on it must take an immediate dangerous terrain test or be destroyed. The bridge is thereafter considered difficult & dangerous terrain.

Optional gear:

Any attacking vehicle that is not already Amphibious may purchase pontoons to aid in the river crossing for +10 points. When crossing the river if the pontoon-equipped vehicle does not move faster than Combat Speed it may ignore the river's difficult terrain test. Clearly designate which vehicles if any have purchased this option.

Any attacking infantry unit may carry portable assault boats at no cost. Clearly designate which units if any have used this option. While carrying the boats the unit always moves as if in difficult terrain due to the extra load, except when crossing the river when they may move normally with no ill effects. Units in boats may not purposefully loiter in the middle of the river and must cross as soon as possible. Units may discard their boats at any time to return to moving normally, but once discarded the boats are gone.

Scoring: Defender gets one point for each enemy unit destroyed, falling back or immobilized. Attacker gets one point for each friendly unit (non-immobilized or falling back) either on a bridge or across the river when the game ends. Attacker also gets 2 points for each non-wrecked bridge they control.

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  1. Excellent scenario mate, I have just the bridge for it!


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