Friday, March 12, 2010

Merkan 76th Armored Forces

Following my own advice to "do what you're in the mood for", I left the pile of 70% done infantry alone and knocked out some tanks over the last few days.

A couple had given me trouble earlier with the base spray, so stripped them down and when warmer weather came again this week sprayed them again, this time with no trouble. Then after finishing them and sealing them...the sealer has issues on some surfaces. But rather than start over, I decided to make lemonade from those lemons, and with some brushed on black turned the mottled paint spots into battle damage - glancing hits from lascannons, meltas and the like.

So, here's the tanks of the Merkan 76th!

The Hellhound turned out alright - either hasn't seen serious damage yet or has been scrubbed out and repainted.

 Being hated by enemy infantry, the Eradicator has taken a number of hits.

One Russ has taken a beating across the tops of hatches and track guards.  Ironically the engineering vehicle of the group hasn't taken much damage...perhaps ambushers wait until after the first tank has passed before opening up.


  1. That's some nice armour you've got there, so what's next?

  2. Finishing the 116 infantry.



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