Monday, September 5, 2016

Shards of Anaris: Week 9 - Jungle Fever

I faced off against Nathan's Necrons to try to recover a shard (1500pts), on a run-down Necron tomb world overrun by jungle, lovely terrain courtesy of Scott (our Space Wolf player this campaign).

Spawn and marines get trimmed down a bit by Necron fire but move up towards the prize.

Spawn wiped out and marines trimmed down further, Necron warrior blob with characters picks up the shard.

Wraiths wipe out cultist buffer but try to pull back from the Defiler.

Terminators arrive, too far away from their target (doomsday ark) so run to spread out a bit.

Necrons pull back with the shard and the chase is on.  Defiler wipes out the wraiths on the left and move in lobbing battle cannon shells on the way.  Chaos terminator lord strikes out on his own and carves up Immortals while his squad destroys the doomsday ark.

Chaos kills a lot of warriors, but are unable to finish off the lord, who disappears with another shard.  Victory Necrons!

Our first Raid (2000pts) mission, with Ultramarines trying to steal the accumulated shards of the Space Wolves.

Ultras do some damage, but are heavily pummeled as they come in, and have to retreat without the loot.

After lunch, sonofsonsoftaurus and I ran a Recon mission (1000pts).

Overgrown pyramid.

Wrecked monolith.

Each of us managed to leave with three lore points, a decent outcome for both sides. 

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