Saturday, September 3, 2016

Vraks: Crossing No Man's Land, Day One

Krieg troopers hit the wire!

Scott came over and we dove into the first mission in the Vraks campaign.

The first wave forms up, advancing along with the fearsome Hellhound, terror to infantry everywhere.  Preliminary bombardment kills a handful of defenders and knocks out the tank traps in front of the Krieg advance.

How do their officers manage to blow the whistles with those gas masks on?

The sea of lasguns.

Krieg forces mass towards their left and center, hoping to turn the flank of the defenders.

Defenders open up, killing some guardsmen but the tide advances.

Reaching lasgun range, the attackers open up, picking off a number of the entrenched heretics.

Heretic fire chews up more of the front ranks, and the lascannon emplacement destroys the inferno cannon on the hellhound.

Getting closer!  Parts of the trenches are swept clean of the living.

Squads from the side opposite the Krieg attack start moving over to fill gaps in the line.

Local reserves roll up in a chimera.  They stay inside for now.

Razorwire barely slows down the relentless Imperials.

Second wave!  More troopers pour across no-man's land, spearheaded by grenadiers in two Centaurs (proxied here by chimeras).

A few survivors are making it pretty close to the trenches.

Lascannon explodes one centaur, leaving the passengers fine but taking chunks out of several surrrounding squads with the blast radius.

Off-board basilisk shot takes out command squad hiding in Chimera wreckage.

Not much left to stop the advance!

Shooting trims down the lead elements again, and armored fist squad disembarks.

Basilisk strikes again!

They're in the works!

Grenadiers assault the central section, killing off a few heretics and the Enforcer.


Chimera is wrecked, lascannon taken out, Krieg sweeps all before it

As the sun sets, the Imperials consolidate their position.

Whew.  That was scary, seeing all those troopers come at me.  Glorious though!

We were using a mission written for 4th edition, using 7th edition base mechanics.  Some things stood out, notably Running (and flat out for vehicles) that was not available in 4th, and rapid fire weapons getting to move and shoot at full range, which gave the advancing troopers a lot more firepower.  Those things helped the defenders too, but almost certainly not as much.  For future trench assaults we probably need to make the no-man's land gap wider. 

I had a great time, always good playing Scott, nice to see his Krieg on the table and I always like getting to fight it out in the trenches (with miniatures). 

Crossing No Man's Land, Day Two coming whenever we have time!

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