Sunday, September 11, 2016

Shards of Anaris - Week 10

Today in our campaign I had a small 1000pt scrum with Leonard's Orks.

Orks ended up with the deployment edge, with three objectives towards their end, two on mine and one in the middle.  I have some teleporting terminators that can hopefully disrupt his back lines when they arrive.  Rhino and rocks help provide line of sight blocking and cover from the big scary shooting threats, the shokk attack gun and looted wagon.

A bunch of grots to dig for objectives, lobbas, looted wagon, shokk attack gun, 30-strong mob of boys with painboy and killa kans.

Looted wagon driver hits the turbo button by accident and it shoots itself forward rather than shooting its cannon.  Big relief for me!

Spawn charge the too-close wagon, and explode it.

They are in turn charged by the boyz mob, roll horribly for their attacks, kill one boy and are wiped out.

Havocs with autocannons chip away at the approaching kans, who have accuracy problems with their grotzookas.

Big mek launches himself through his gun into assault with the chaos marines.

Leaving the mek to his fate, the boyz charge and wreck the rhino, doing damage while remaining on the objective.

Both lopsided fights went as expected, and the chaos marines move to charge the orks.

Challenge atop the wrecked rhino - champion takes one wound from the nob but feel no pain saves him, letting him krump the champion with his power klaw.

The other orks do well also, sending the marines packing.

The orks secure the objective by the (now two) wrecked rhinos as well as those closest to them.  I had collected one, leaving one remaining by the havocs.

My terminators had failed to arrive until turn four, by which time only the last objective remained.  So, as overkill as it was, I sent the terminators in to dispatch some gretchin.  Surely this is not the great task the dark gods had in mind for them.  My lord will have to express his displeasure and motivate any surviving cultists to better clear away such chaff from the field.

The runtherd survived, though the grots and kans were wiped out.  He moved in towards the objective.  Terminators finished him off, even firing their combi-meltas in a fit of pique.  I score the last objective, gaining two lore points to Leonard's four.  The terminators being so late to the party meant I had no serious way of contesting the far objectives, but Leonard's luck with launching his mek and looted wagon into my assault units was a big help.

Leonard also got a game in with sonofsonsoftaurus' Ultramarines, another 1000pt recon mission as they both needed to rebuild their lore points.

Leonard ran a different list, still a bunch of grots, but this time three looted wagons and meganobs instead of the kans, lobbas and shokk attack.

View from the marine side, after a few from the leading combat squad are vaporized by looted wagons.

After a disappointing opening salvo against the meganobs, the centurions are charged by the big mob of orks.

The centurions lose, break, and run away...closer to the meganobs, ready to light them up again in the marine turn.  Man, that codex astartes really does give good tactical tips!

The centurions wipe out the meganobs, and objectives are collected on both sides.  Wagons get blown up and the boys catch the centurions again.  Their combat goes on for a number of turns until the attached librarian, flush with confidence from killing the nob with his force staff, opens the floodgates to the warp and perils hard, killing himself and the remaining two centurions.  Each side leaves with three lore points and some job openings for leadership positions.

Had a great time, always fun to play Leonard and see sonofsonsoftaurus grow in the game. 

And, over a weeks since I should have gotten my White Dwarf.  They apologized, set me up with an extra issue, but still waiting.  I appreciate the extra issue, but after my past experiences with White Dwarf subscriptions, I am still annoyed.  Hopefully next issue will be much more prompt.  Also picked up Traitor's Hate, so far I like it, though I think they may have gone a little overboard with Kharn pictures.  Between art and model pictures, I counted 16 time I saw him.  Might be a bit much for one guy.  I wonder how many times pictures of that Blood Angels Chaplain will show up in the next book.

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