Sunday, August 7, 2016

Shards of Anaris - Week 5

My family and I were on vacation the prior week, but sonofsonsoftaurus and I returned to the campaign today.  Counting us we had six players and five games were played.  We also did some work on updating a few of the store terrain pieces.  

My first game was with Scott's Space Wolves, fighting over one of the Shards of Anaris.  I brought a Nurgle force this time led by Typhus.  Scott had a variety of marines and a formation of rune priests.  Our fight was held on an old battleground, with several minefields scattered about.  

Death Guard and Space Wolves maneuver for position around the shard.

It took a lot more fire than I wanted to, but we wrecked a rhino.  Unfortunately neither the zombies or terminators made the charge into the passengers.  

sonofsonsoftaurus' Ultramarines having a rough day with Nathan's necrons.  He manages to score two points to the necron four, so does not leave empty-handed.

Typhus' retinue is stripped away and Blood Claws charge in, only to be cut down by the manreaper.

Plague marines engage Grey Hunters while Typhus takes the fight to the Wolf Guard.  
Grey Hunter rhino on the left has a tread blown off in a minefield.  Grey Hunters disembark.  

Wrapping up the Wolf Guard, Typhus consolidates closer to the shard.  Grey Hunters storms the trench and despite the weapon virus affecting their guns they manage to take Typhus' last wound.  

I tried to seize the shard with a lone surviving plague marine and block off the approach with the land raider, but it was not enough.  The shard was lost to both sides, and the few survivors on both sides fell back to lick their wounds.  

Orks vs. Khorne Daemonkin (including loaned maulerfiend from the Sons of Taurus).

After lunch sonofsonsoftaurus and I got a match in, this time with a more typical mixed Endless Ones force.

Things were touch and go for a bit but the Endless Ones managed to seize the shard and hold it.  Ultramarine terminators tried to recover it but were too far away and the Endless Ones make off with the prize.  

Orks vs. Space Wolves, this time with Thunderwolves and Wulfen.  

Lots of carnage, and the campaign is still wide open. 

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