Monday, August 15, 2016

Shards of Anaris - campaign week six

Another week of mayhem and merriment hunting down the Shards of Anaris!

sonofsonsoftaurus is getting the knack for themed tables, developing a battle scene with several chaotic shrines.  My Endless Ones faced off against his Ultramarines to recover bits of information that would help lead us to additional pieces of the god-weapon, Anaris.

But first, quick interlude:

Karlan poses by the great Crystal Clock of Waterford
I painted up this Big Boris figure for sonofsonsoftaurus' Pathfinder character.  I showed him where I was at with it and told him I still had some extra shading and clean up to do, but he said he liked it just as it was, so that is how he shall remain.

Back to the far future!

Endless Ones prepare to move towards more objectives, most of which ended up closer to the loyalist edge.  Raptors and Warp Talons fall from Stormbirds above, waiting until the last moment to slow their descent.

Loyalist side. Raptors maneuver out of the way of speeding drop pods.

Ultras move up to investigate a shrine.

Space Wolf scouts and Tau face off for more information in the comm tower databanks.

Plasmagun fire knocks out the Rhino, forcing the Tzeentchian marine squad to hoof it.

Drop pods slam down.  Later we realize sonofsonsoftaurus was using his 1500pt list (that includes the dreadnought) in our 1000pt game.  We did a little adjusting for stuff that was still in reserve that left him only 25pts over instead of 500 over.

Supplicants rush out to engage the Centurions in close quarters action, as it's the only safe place from the storm of fire they put out.

They make it and stick around for a few turns, not doing any damage but saving me from several rounds of even worse punishment.

Dreadnought ignores the melee and investigates the power station.  Why is there a power station?  All those loudspeakers and lights for the temples take a lot of juice to run!

Warp Talons arrive.

As do the Raptors, scattering right on top of a shrine and objective marker.

Terminators teleport directly onto another objective.

Endless Ones climb up and objective securely steal the objective out from under the Terminators.  I had two points to the UM four, so there were no more points to gain, so he spent the next few turns trying to wipe me out.  He came close.

The Space Wolves got the better of the Tau, and in another "quick" game, sonofsonsoftaurus faced the Tau for possession of a Shard, and even with the amazing amount of firepower the Tau threw his way, not enough was AP2 and the Ultras pulled out a win. 

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