Sunday, July 24, 2016

Shards of Anaris - week 3

Three Recovery missions played today:  my Endless Ones CSM vs. Scott's Space Wolves, John's Khorne Daemonkin vs. sonofsonsoftaurus' Ultramarines, and Leonard's Orks vs. Josh M's Grey Knights.  

Endless Ones line up against the Wolves' motor pool - line of rhinos with Sicaran behind

Long Fangs occupy the high ground

Long Fangs pummel the Raptors and Warp Talons, killing most of them.  Rhinos on both sides move up to contest the Shard.  

The berzerkers' rhino is wrecked by sustained Space Wolf fire.  Surviving Warp Talons charge one squad of Grey Hunters.  They slay them all, but the Lone Wolf arrives to kill them in turn.

Kargoth Skulltaker (aka Kharn) makes off with the prize while other units try to block him off from pursuing Space Wolves.

Kargoth trips his squadmates into the way of oncoming Krak missiles, saving himself.

I failed to take pictures of the rest of the game, but Blood Claws and Wolf Priest managed to tear up the Tzeentch CSM squad (at the cost of the priest and most of the Blood Claws), and Kargoth takes shot after shot, finally falling to rhino stormbolter fire.  Heldrake and autocannon havocs shoot up more of the Blood Claws, and the Lone Wolf was not able to quite get to the Shard before the game ended.  The shard is still lost!

Elsewhere, Khorne Daemonkin line up against the Ultramarines.

A lonely band of Legion of the Damned appear in the midst of the Khornate forces (including summoned Bloodthirster).  They get attacked by the Bloodthirster, a Soul Grinder and some bikers.  They hold their own for a bit (and maybe would have a bit longer if anyone had remembered they were Invisible at the time...oops) but are pulled down, leaving the Possessed free to cart the shard away.

Orks vs. Grey Knights, with hordes of murder cultists boiling up from the sewers getting in the way.  In the end the Orks secure victory and loot the shard.  Might make a good choppa!

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