Saturday, October 24, 2015

7th Edition 40K Turn Sequence Revisited

A year ago, I put together some turn sequence charts.  You can see those posts HERE and HERE.  

I originally meant to do more with it, but it fell by the wayside, and the avalanche of releases over the past year discouraged me from really trying to make it comprehensive.

But I was recently contacted by Sjap, a reader from Amsterdam who had been working on his own version.  He has a D&D blog which currently features the adventures of a hard-rockin', hard-partyin' pan-flute gnome rock (and rock gnome) band and if you're in the area and in the market for someone to poke your skin with needles to make pretty pictures, look for House of Tattoos in Amsterdam.  He's a Dark Eldar player, so you might need to be careful once he has you on the table...

As a Dark Eldar player, he noticed that with the DE book, he pointed out that they have a warlord trait that should put warlord traits before night fight determination in the pre-game sequence.  There are other warlord traits that influence that as well I believe, so certainly makes sense.  Below is the version Sjap has been working on:

1.    Set up terrain
2.    Determine mission
3.    Place objectives
4.    Determine deployment map
5.    Roll off for table sides
6.    Generate warlord trait
7.    Generate Psychic Powers
8.     Night fight?
9.     Roll off. Winner decides who will deploy first and who will deploy second
10.  First player deploys
11. Second player deploys
12. Deploy infiltrators
13. Scout moves
14. The player that set up first can choose to take the first or second turn.
15. Seize the initiative attempt

Forge the narrative

Own turn: Draw tactical Objective card(s)?
Reserves 3+ (auto arrive on turn 4).
Blood Tithe? (Daemonkin)
Power from Pain (Dark Eldar)
Instinctive Behavior? (Tyranids)


Begin of movement phase:
One Eye Open?
Units falling back take regroup tests before moving
Flying Monstrous Creature change flight modes
Vector strike

Canoptek Spyder Scarab Hive:  (Necrons)

End of phase:
Grounding tests, Blind tests, 25% casualties?

End of phase:
Grounding tests, Blind tests, 25% casualties?

Begin of  phase:
Warp Storm (Chaos Demons)
During phase:
Ask about jinking:  yes/no?
End of phase:
Grounding tests, Blind tests, 25% casualties?

Start of Assault Phase:
Possessed mutations (CSM)
Spawn mutations...(CSM)

Start of Fight sub phase.
Issue/accept/refuse challenges
(Own Fight sub-phase): Glorious Intervention?
Fear tests
Jet Pack thrust moves
Eldar/Dark Eldar jetbike move

End of phase:
Grounding tests, Blind tests, 25% casualties?


 Each player turn: Soul Blaze
 Own turn: IWND
Own turn: Regenerate  (Tyranids)
End of Own turn: Stand up go to grounders.
End of each player turn: Sabotage.  (Mysterious  Objective).
Own Turn: Discard Tactical card

Turn  5 variable game length continues on 3+, Turn 6 continues on 4+,  Turn 7 auto ends

Forge the narrative

The "Forge the narrative" bit at the end is a reminder to create a story with the game.

I hope that it proves useful to some readers! 


  1. Dear god 40k has gotten hellishly complex!

  2. Thanks Jim for posting this list. It's way less thorough than yours, but I shamelessly stole a lot of your findings and incorporated them.
    I am asking everybody to improve it with their army specific and phase specific rules, in order to create a master document which help you and your opponent remember everything. Have fun.


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