Tuesday, October 14, 2014

7th edition 40K Turn Sequence - Basics

I've long complained about the lack of a real, comprehensive turn sequence for 40K.  Each new book comes out with various things that happen at the start of this phase or the end of that, and the company doesn't seem to care about helping to keep track.  Here's a start.  

This is just based on the basic rules.  I tried to put things that happen at the same time with the same number, and things that happen at the end of a particular phase will have an x.99 designation.  Later I'll post the list including the books I have/went through, and will welcome emails with more info from other books/dataslates/etc.

Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Turn Sequence - BRB

0.0 Pre-game
 0.1 Determine mission, set up terrain, (generate psychic powers)
     0.11 (Most missions) Place objectives
     0.12 Determine deployment type
     0.13 Roll off for table sides
          0.131 (Emperor’s Will) Place objectives
     0.2 (Standard Deployment Method)
          0.21 Night fight?
          0.22 Roll off to determine deploy first/second
          0.23 First player generates warlord trait then deploys
          0.24 Second player generates warlord trait then deploys
          0.25 Deploy infiltrators
          0.26 Scout moves
          0.27 Seize the initiative attempt

1.0 The start of your turn
     1.1 Reserve rolls

2.0 Movement phase
     2.1 Move units in turn
         2.11 Move/deploy units arriving from Reserve before any other units
         2.11 Flying Monstrous Creature change flight modes
         2.12 Units falling back take regroup tests before moving
         2.12 Must attempt to restore unit coherency
     2.99 Vector strike
     2.99 Interceptor
     2.99 Grounding tests
     2.99 Blind tests
     2.99 Morale tests for 25%+ casualties

3.0 Psychic phase
     3.1 Generate warp charge
     3.2 Manifest powers (p.24)
     3.99 Grounding tests
     3.99 Blind tests
     3.99 Morale tests for 25%+ casualties

4.0 Shooting phase
     4.1 Shoot/Run/Turbo-boost/Flat out units in turn
          4.11 Must attempt to restore unit coherency
     4.2 Shooting sequence (p.30)
          4.21 After “Choose a Target” and before “Roll to Hit”: Jink?
        4.22 After wounds generated but before saves taken: Go to ground?
        4.23 After wounds taken: Pinning test?
     4.99 Grounding tests
     4.99 Blind tests
     4.99 Morale tests for 25%+ casualties

5.0 Assault phase
     5.1 Assault sequence (p.44)
          5.11 Start of Fight sub-phase – issue/accept/refuse challenges
          5.11 Start of own Fight sub-phase – Glorious Intervention?
          5.11 Start of Fight sub-phase – Fear tests
     5.1 Jet Pack thrust moves
     5.1 Eldar/Dark Eldar jetbike move
     5.99 Grounding tests
     5.99 Blind tests
     5.99 Hit & Run tests

6.0 The end of your turn
      6.1 Roll for It Will Not Die
      6.1 Roll for Soul Blaze


  1. Thanks! I'm starting in this and this little guide will help me a lot!

  2. very useful, will be printing this out and stapling it to my rulebook!

  3. This guide will definitely help. I would also add Look out Sir, including for psychic shooting attacks.


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