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Mass Carnage - Prelude

We're getting ready for a large (for us) 4-on-4 game as a change of pace from long-running leagues and campaigns.  Scott had the idea and has been the organizer.  We're going to do preliminary games with the results impacting the larger fight (extra VP), but also you can gain bonuses in-game that apply to the larger fight.  I took on that part, throwing together some new Mysterious Objectives.  The idea is for each preliminary battle to have six objectives, and roll on the specific tables instead of the rulebook ones.  Some will disadvantage you in the initial game (by making units disappear) but will benefit you in the next round (they come back).  Others are specific to the unit holding it at the end, so you might try to get a different unit on that objective or focus more on holding that and lessen your chances for the current game. Which is more important for the larger victory?  Players will need to choose.

In case it can prove inspirational, here's what I put together for us.  Some of the objectives are army-specific, based on the armies we will have involved (IG, DA and two Eldar vs. Nids, Daemons, Orks, and Necrons).  Down the road, I'd love to have all the objectives army-specific as part of a narrative tree.

Mysterious Objectives

Follow normal rules for identifying mysterious objectives, except use these tables instead of the one in the main rulebook.

Except where noted, effects will take effect in megabattle.

Except where noted, the unit holding the objective at the end of the game gains the benefit.

Gone…for now – several remove units from the current game, only to reappear for the megabattle.  These units count as destroyed for the preliminary battle.  In the megabattle, they can be added to your army at their full strength (as purchased for preliminary battle) for no cost and requiring no slot.  If the army they come from is the same as your primary detachment, count them as being part of that detachment.  If they come from an army that is not the same as your primary detachment, you can count them as being part of an appropriate detachment you have.  If you have no appropriate detachment, they can still be used but count as their own detachment.  If this unit would be required to fulfill a compulsory choice (you were taking X formation that requires one of these, and only one you have) they can count as filling that slot and become part of that detachment.  Note that the more powerful the unit is, the harder the preliminary game will become but the greater the benefit for the megabattle.

1-2 Table A
3-4 Table B
5-6 Table C

Each objective can only be rolled once in a given battle.  If it is an army-specific objective, if the objective changes hands, use the corresponding # from the other army (ie if when discovered it was Ork objective 1 but Dark Angels take the objective count it as Dark Angels objective 1)

Table A
1 -Unstable Warp Core – Remove objective and remove unit with Gone…for now effects.  Unit must enter the megabattle by  Deep Strike as it returns from the time/space continuum.

2- Detailed maps – Choose one unit to gain Infiltrate.

3- Experimental ammo/power source/radioactive biomass – Unit’s ranged weapons gain +1 Str

4- This is not the time or place – When holding this objective and at least half strength, unit may elect to disengage and save itself for the next fight.  When attacked, after to-hit/to-wound/penetration rolls but before saves/damage results you may elect to remove the unit under the Gone…for now effects.  Objective remains but becomes a normal objective.  In megabattle deploy with Infiltrate (but not Outflank) after normal deployment but before any other infiltrators.

5 -Collapse! – The earth opens up and swallows the objective and unit.  Unit removed under the Gone…for now effects and objective removed.  If objective was in a terrain piece, remove terrain piece and mark outline.  If was in the open, mark 3” radius from center of objective.  Move any models from other units out of the marked area by shortest appropriate distance.  Marked area now considered vast pit and counts as impassable terrain.  No units other than fast moving flyers/fmcs can end move over the pit.  Appropriate units using appropriate move type (jump pack, skimmers, etc) can pass over the pit but may not end up over it.  In the megabattle, unit reappears from the depths – in the controlling player’s assault phase of turn 2 they enter play.  Position them in any unoccupied terrain piece at least 3”x3”.  If no appropriate terrain, next try terrain pieces with unoccupied ground floors.  If still no valid option, choose an occupied terrain piece.  If no enemy models are present on ground floor, deploy unit.  In any of these cases, the unit may not launch any assaults.  If there are enemy models on the ground floor, the unit is immediately placed in assault.  Due to the mutual surprise, the unit counts as having performed a disordered charge, but does count as having assault grenades and is not subject to Overwatch.

6 - Advanced medical supplies – Unit gains 6+ Feel No Pain.

Table B

1 - Vortex grenade – Character in unit (or designate one model if no character) has a vortex grenade.  8” range, assault 1 small blast Vortex, one use only.

2 - Virus grenade  - Character in unit (or designate one model if no character) has a virus grenade.  8” range, assault 1 Virus, small blast.  Virus – Models hit must pass toughness test or take a wound with no saves, FNP, reanimation protocols, etc. allowed.  For each model killed, next models in line take tests – continue until unit destroyed or appropriate tests are passed.

3 - Artillery Strike – In megabattle treat the artillery strike as a unit in Reserve, and start rolling for it turn 2.  When it arrives, fire it in your shooting phase as an unlimited range Str 9 AP 3 ordnance large blast, barrage, pinning attack (with no reduction for BS).  One use only.

4 - Fire Brigade – You are able to plan a distraction to disrupt the enemy in the megabattle.  After all units have been deployed in megabattle including infiltrators, you may designate one enemy unit and force it to instead go into Reserve.  If eligible for alternative deployment such as Deep Strike or Outflank the controlling player may declare that it will use that method if desired.

5 - Blades of Devoe – Unit’s melee attacks have Poison (4+).

6 - Meltabomb cache – unit is equipped with meltabombs.

Table C

1 – Army specific bonus 1

2- Army specific bonus 2

3– Army specific bonus 3

4 - Reinforcements – Your army gets +200pts to spend.

5 - Flexible formation – Your army may purchase an extra unit that would normally be outside of your detachment but is from the same source and count it as being part of that detachment (example: Combined Arms Detachment with 4 Fast Attack slots)

6 - Warp Entangers – Enemy units attempting to deep strike within 12” of the unit must reroll a Hit result and roll 4d6 for scatter. 

 Army specific bonuses

1 - Idol of Gork (or Mork)  - call an extra WAAAGGH!

2 - Buzzer squig nest – Nominate one of your blast weapons. That weapon can elect to fire buzzer squig containers instead of its normal shells each time it fires.  Use same range and large or small blast template as appropriate.  Str 5 AP5 ignores cover, Orkoid Ecosystem, Voracious.  Orkoid Ecosystem – buzzer squigs do not try to eat orks or gretchin; such units are immune to damage from the buzzer squigs.  This will allow you to place the templates over ork/gretchin models with no ill effect, and may even fire into assault.  Voracious – If target is T4 or lower, reroll failed to-wound rolls.  Swarm stays in place and moves per Vortex rules.

3 - Convertible STC – Any vehicle with the ard case upgrade still counts as open-topped when the ork player so wishes.

1 - Phase shifter upgrade – One unit ignores difficult/dangerous/impassible terrain when moving, but may not stop in impassible terrain.

2 - Forgotten tomb world – One unit may enter from Reserve via Deep Strike with no scatter.

3 - We’ll be back  - Nominate one unit.  If completely destroyed, it comes back in Ongoing Reserves.  May happen multiple times.


1 – Synapse mutation – one model in unit becomes a synapse creature.  If already a synapse creature, synapse range extends +6”.

2 – Crimson Grox supply -  Unit gains Jump.  If already an FMC, gains +1 to Jink and can reroll failed grounding tests.  If the unit is Gargoyles, they can assault the same turn they deep strike.

3 – Unstoppable – unit gains 5+ FNP and if a MC, It Will not Die.


1- Unspeakable Relic – The unit may reroll instability tests.

2 – Thread of corruption – Starting on turn 2, roll for the corruption as if it were a unit in Reserve.  No modifications or rerolls to this reserve roll apply.  When the corruption “arrives”, the Imperial Guard must roll a morale check for each of their units (Fearless does not test, rerolls apply, vehicles test at Ld10, transports with passengers embarked do not test on their own but follow result of their passengers)  Any unit that fails the test passes under the control of the Chaos Daemon player.  (If locked in combat, adjust them to be more than 1” away from formerly friendly models and then determine if other units are still locked in combat or not.)

3 – Stable Warp Path – The unit may deep strike with no chance of scatter.

1 – Lost spirit stone recovered – One wraithlord may be upgraded at no cost to a Wraithseer.  It gains a 4+ invulnerable save and is a level 2 psyker, generating powers as if it was a Farseer. 

2 –Webway Portal – designate one objective as a webway portal.  Eldar units from your army arriving from Reserve with no more than 3 wounds or 2 HP may enter play moving from the portal if it is not enemy controlled or contested.

3 –Tapestry of Beigh – Oh – The unit recovers fragments of the tale of an ancient eldar victory.  The unit gains Preferred Enemy.

Dark Angels
1 – Relic of the Great Crusade – One independent character can count as having a special banner from Codex: Dark Angels.

2 – Legionary plasma coils – Dark Angels models ignore “Gets Hot”.  Any plasma weapons cost 5 points less (minimum zero).

3 – Work of the Fallen – The Dark Angels uncover evidence that the daemonic incursion was instigated by one of the Fallen.  Dark Angels units may count daemons as Chaos Space Marines for purposes of their special rules.

Imperial Guard
1 – Critical Intelligence – Information retrieved convinces high command to commit reserves.  Any destroyed Infantry Squad can come back into play as Ongoing Reserves on a 4+.

2 – Pre-fab defences  - The Imperial Guard player can bring an Aegis Defense Line with quad-gun or icarus lascannon at no cost.

3- Inquisitorial notice – the unit’s success has drawn attention and extra training for the upcoming battle.  The unit gains Preferred Enemy.

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