Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Free Shipping!

"Only" 525 pounds!  Includes *two* brass etch sheets!
(actually it's not that bad considering what you get...)


  1. To be fair, that is a savings of 125 pounds, which is pretty darn significant. GW could learn a thing or two from FW about bundle deals!

    ...The renegade kits are beautiful, if I wasn't already neck deep in Thousand Sons and Mechanicum, I'd be sorely tempted by that deal!

  2. In my 20+ years of gaming, I've never once been able to drop $820+ for gaming toys all at once. I do wonder how often these kinds bundles bear fruit.

    1. I think these kits are targeted towards "year end xmas bonuses" that some people get. But I'd be so intimidated by all those models!


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