Sunday, November 2, 2014


Terrain has been the name of the game here lately.  Our league group has been talking about more terrain, and we had a hobby day to work on some today.  The day before, sonofsonsoftaurus and I worked on a few pieces to bring along as well.  Above is the volcano I built and we both worked on painting, along with ork for scale.  

"Facility X" as my son dubbed it.  Big piece of packaging styrofoam with a few bits added.  

Added some plasticard in back to cover large open area.

Top hatch.  I originally was going to put a big antennae array on top too, but remembering that I was going to leave it at a game shop figured that would get broken off in about two weeks and left it off.

I had also built and painted up some rock formations, but made the mistake of spraying sealer on them.  I thought I had enough layers of paint and woodstain over them to protect vs. the sealer but my efforts were no match for the power of aerosol.  Oops.  They are probably salvageable, we will see.

For the hobby day, my plan was to paint up some of the store terrain, like their wall of martyrs set and get it to a better state than plain black.  

Still pretty basic, but better than basic black or bare plastic.  I just didn't have the heart to try to paint all those boxes piled up around the walls individually.  I also did some basic drybrush over some barricades (which could also use more detailing sometime) and cleaned up, touched up, and drybrushed the neo-bastion that another player Rhett had built and left for store use.  Nothing fancy, but more presentable.  Some other work on terrain and noise marines also got done, as well as a couple of league games.

Orks vs. Space Wolves on Leonard's new FAT mat from Frontline Gaming.  Very nice mat.  The dice gods were thoroughly with the orks and against the wolves here today.  Given the dice rolls I was hearing about I'm impressed that the SW did as well as they did.  I guess that if you fail all your charges having Counter Attack is pretty handy.

And CSM vs. Tyranids.  At the time I left this game was looking pretty grim for Chaos, but their heldrakes hadn't arrived yet.  

I was a little disappointed that we didn't get more modeling and painting going on, but it was good to see folks, especially a visit from Scott J from My Little World of Dementia


  1. Looking good! That's a great use of packing material. Now to guess what it came from...looks almost like a speaker packing material!

    The volcano is really great. I really need to add some "Dangerous' terrain to my boards. There is generally almost never any in the games we play.

    1. Thanks Greg! I don't recall what the big X foam was from, perhaps our new lawn mower, but I think that was mostly neo-cardboard.

      Dangerous terrain is fun, but it is definitely a lower priority. Once you have enough LOS blocking and cover giving stuff adding some dangerous stuff can make things interesting, though it can definitely be more dangerous for one side (slow, poor saves) compared to others (jump packs, skimmers, etc.). Even more fun to place an objective in the middle of a section of dangerous terrain!


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