Sunday, November 9, 2014

40K League: Scythiak vs. Dark Angels, Look up in the Sky! and Silver Skulls vs. Endless Ones!

While the Arch-heretic Astrakenor has been taken by the Dark Angels, the Scythiak don't let that interrupt their plans for conquest!  

Another league game with Mike S and his Dark Angels, with me at 1400pts, him at 1200.  With my point totals having crept upwards I figured it was time to break out the Ogryn.  So backed up by a psyker and two priests the big fellas took the field.  Mike brought along a dreadnought, the perfect tool for crunching Ogryn if it could get into combat, and a whirlwind, terror to hordes of light troops everywhere.  Could be rough!  We rolled up a game of Scouring with Vanguard Strike deployment.

Dark Angels seize initiative and move up.  Sniper scouts take out a lascannon team but the rest hold firm.  Scythiak start to push forward and glance the land raider.

Terminators arrive, tac squads and librarian exit transports and blow away some cultist squads.  Lascannons get lucky and explode the land raider crusader, reducing the incoming fire on the Ogryn and killing four tac marines in the bargain.  Dreadnought also gets immobilized by missile launchers, removing the DCCW threat.

Aerial view of Mike's nicely done Rhino roof.

Sentinel outflanks to tackle the Whirlwind.  It takes a few turns but eventually the whirlwind is wrecked.

Rahr!  Ogryn pile into the Dark Angels.  

Most marines taken out, and librarian wounded.  

Sgt Rabbitfoot makes eight saves and keeps on trucking!

Other combat squad joins the fray, but regular marines quickly cut down, leaving two sergeants to face the horde.  The librarian is down, and the chaos psyker perils-ed himself to death, leaving a witch-free battlefield.

The Ogryn dispatch the two squad leaders and move away from the incoming terminators.  At this point Mike calls it, with an immobilized rhino, a single scout, an immobilized dread and a three-man terminator squad away from an objective.  Victory for the Scythiak!  Initially as squads melted away I thought the Dark Angel assault might just roll my line up, but getting some good rolls taking out the land raider and immobilizing the Dread were key for me here.


Leonard and James also played a league game, featuring Leonard's FAT mat and the wall of martyrs set I painted up last weekend.


Chaos bikers get destroyed by hordes of orks, but can the heldrakes turn the tide?

Nope.  But in a particularly epic moment, lootas shoot down one heldrake, only for it to crash and burn right into an ork mob, killing the guy carrying the relic.  Nice!


At home sonofsonsoftaurus asked for a game.  We have started doing a little, both an RPG campaign and a couple of on-the fly miniatures games but now he wanted to something more like regular 40K.  

So, he set up a table while I broke out some squads to use.  I gave him four squads of Silver Skulls space marines and took two squads of cultists, as squad of CSM and one of berserkers.  Probably around 700pts of marines vs. around 500 in Chaos.  Mission is to hold the objective in the middle.  Here my cultists have moved up to the middle while he checks LOS.

Cultists get whittled down but stubbornly stay hugging the fountain.

Cultist squad two moved around the left and demostrated how good bolters are against T3 low save models in the open, and CSM move up to the middle in case cultist squad one shares their fate.

Concentrated fire takes down some CSM and reduces the berserkers to one lunatic.  Said lunatic initiates a charge into the marine squad shows.  Overwatching bolters get SIX hits with four wounds...and he saves them all!  Great accuracy, better armor!  Regular CSM join in the fun.  Unfortunately the CSM champion fried himself with his plasma pistol moments earlier, despite having a handy pool to cool it off in nearby.

More squads join the fray and whittle the traitors down, but sonofsonsoftaurus had terrible luck with his powerfists, getting a total of one wound with two fists over multiple rounds of combat.  In the end the zerker is pulled down and the two surviving Endless Ones break and run.  Silver Skulls consolidate closer to the objective, and the game ends in a tie!

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