Sunday, October 19, 2014

40K League report: Scythiak vs. Dark Angels

Thankfully 40K has no rules for crossfire.

League game with Mike S and his Dark Angels.  For the DA I brought a tempting target, the Arch-Heretic Astrakenor, traitor marine cult instigator who was rumored to have once met a guy who may have seen a vid of someone in old black armor with a Calibani accent.  How armor has an accent, I don't know, but the interrogator-chaplains would like to find out!  Astrakenor runs with the rules for Col. Iron Hand Straken, who has great stats for a CSM champion.  We had 1100pts each and played the Scouring.

Scythiak deployment.  Two twenty-man platoons with a priest in each, various heavy weapons, command squads with flamers.  Two outflanking spawntinels and a deepstriking double-melta stormtrooper squad.
The bait - Astrakenor sets up in hiding, prepared to give orders to the heavy weapons teams.

Dark Angels Land Raider with tac squad and librarian sets up on the table side opposite the melta guns and lascannons.

Scouts deploy on the other end.

Scythiak surge forward.

Belial and terminators teleport in to secure the Arch-Heretic for a friendly discussion over lattes.

On the other end the land raider squad disembarks to unleash bolter fire into massed heretics.

Significantly fewer massed heretics.
 Stormbolter fire takes out three of Astrakenor's retinue and puts a wound on the man himself.  Cyclone split fires into massed cultists killing a few.

Spawn riders outflank on, one to help with terminators, one to engage scouts.

Astrakenor and his surviving retinue hop behind the wall while cultists turn back.  Astrakenor's astropath tries to psychic shriek the terminators but fails to roll high enough to affect them (8 on 3d6 vs Ld 10) but does manage to kill himself with Perils of the Warp.   Lascannon fire takes out three terminators but missiles and lasguns bounce off. 

Stormtroopers scatter out of 6" range of the land raider and fail to scratch it.

Scythiak retaliate against the power-armored Dark Angels and take one down.

DA charge into the Scythiak.  

Land Raider takes out three of the stormtroopers, including both meltas.  The survivors fall back towards the tank.  Huh?

DA consolidate in between the surviving Scythiak.

Astrakenor continues to play "chase the heretic around the desk".  Belial has chopped up the missile launcher teams while his comrades took out the cultist platoon command squad.  Cult blob moves in, takes out one terminator with shooting and then clubs the cyclone terminator to death and consolidate in between Belial and Astrakenor.

More ineffective fire against Dark Angels.

Spawntinel gets a lucky frag shot that makes the scouts fall back and manages to make the charge, hoping to finish them quickly and move on to the objective in the middle of the DA table side.

The first round of combat sees a hull point taken off the spawntinel and one scout killed.  It then devolves into a multi-round whiff-fest.

DA split up and slaughter the techno-barbarians.

Belial leaves the big party and hops over to claw through some lascannon teams.

Continuing to pour fire into Belial, they finally take a wound off him.  

Realizing he isn't going to win a shooting match armed with lightning claws, Belial piles in, shrugging off overwatch and butchering a few cultists.  Ultimately there are just too many rifle butts and knives, and Belial falls.  

The second spawntinel makes it over to join in the fight, and eventually combined they take down the remaining scout.  The heroic defense of the scout held me up from several turns of movement and helped keep me from getting to another objective.

The other guy attempting to make it to the middle, the surviving stormtrooper manages to make his 6+ cover save from hitting the dirt and avoids death by lascannon.  It slows him down, but slow and alive beats fast and dead.

Land Raider secures middle objective as spawn-riders look on dejectedly.

In the end victory for the Dark Angels!  First Blood, Linebreaker and 8 objective points vs. Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker and 5 objective points.

Hero of the match, the Scout sgt with defective krak grenades and the luckiest heretic in need of a clean pair of trousers.

While the Dark Angels took the field, Astrakenor managed to escape their clutches.  Can the other Dark Angels force finish what these started?

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