Saturday, March 8, 2014

Honor the Chapter

The other day when my mind was wandering I was adding up figures for an army, then started estimating figures for all of my armies.  I used to think that those who decided to build an entire chapter of space marines were kind of crazy.  But with my current armies for 40K, I have around 650 painted figures, not counting vehicles.  If you add in the two Tau armies, parts of CSM and a marine army that I sold there's probably another 150+ figures, for around 800 figures total that I've built and painted for 40K, 80% of a chapter (maybe 75% if you count all the support guys like techmarines).  Oof.  If you add in WHFB, I'd be over the mark (those goblins add up fast).  Of course I don't think I could have stuck with one army, much less one chapter that whole time, but I no longer think that those who do are crazy.  Or at least they're no crazier than I am!

I also have some random hobby progress to share:

A while back I bought these, found a deal for $11 or so.  Nice, simple, easy to assemble extra terrain.

Here's one that's assembled with an old chaos warrior for scale.  The roof/side walls are all one piece, the front and back walls slide in and if I remember correctly you attach the door, though it may already come with the door attached, don't fully recall.  I glued the walls in place though you don't necessarily have to, and the door opens and closes freely.  

I also did some random modelling while iced in yesterday, putting together a Chaos Raptor squad of the Tears of Sanguinius using parts from the Sanguinary Guard and Death Company plastic kits.

First three, standard raptors.

Second three, two meltas and the champion (center).

And a seventh, either as an alternate champion or as a lord/sorcerer.  While all the other parts are from the Blood Angels kits, I allowed this guy to have a Slaaneshi shoulder pad to make the allegiance clear.  

At present I'm thinking of doing them up in purple and white, but we shall see. 

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