Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hobby Day

Today we had a hobby day at Gaming Underground.  Not as many folks showed up as I had hoped might, but enough for a good time I think.  Above is a Fortress of Redemption that Joel is working on.  The stone he's doing for the angels is turning out really well.  He also assembled a squad of Grey Knight Terminators and worked on a Tau Piranha. 

James M. was working on 70-odd zombies for use with Typhus, made from a mix of WHFB zombies and Dark Vengeance cultists modified with zombie bits.

Scott also made an appearance with his skaven, working on a new hellpit abomination.  Ware ware manthings!  Unfortunately I didn't break out the camera before he left.  Andrew also visited with his dwarves and got some good painting demonstrations from James while we talked.

I did some more assembly for my Chaos Marines, but waited until I got home to take pics:

Havoc squad.  I think philosophically, aspiring champions for firepower squads get the short end of the stick.  If they do their job right they won't get into assault, so won't get the chance for all sorts of gifts from the gods including ascension.  Less chance to become a spawn too I guess.  Maybe Havoc champion is the first job - if you do well there, you get promoted to a regular bolter squad, then dedicated assault units.  Sort of the reverse of the Space Wolf Blood Claw-Grey Hunter-Long Fang progression.

I also put together some more Possessed, with some extra parts from the new Raptor kit and some other CSM parts and a WHFB chaos head. A couple are more recent possessions/less extensively mutated.  I felt that the kind of crazy raptor chainswords were a good fit.

 Rescue rhino (that apparently needs some dusting off!) with a new hatch and a replacement for the broken off storm bolter, an old chaos autocannon turned-combibolter.

 Basic daemon prince.  I think I've had the kit (as well as the possessed, etc.) for a few years but just got around to putting him together.  Simple add of one of the defiler masks, perhaps my favorite bits of all time.

Some past uses of the defiler masks.

I've even used them on defilers!


  1. Nice! The old chaos autocannon/stubber brought back some memories - Great use of an ooooold bit!

    1. Thanks. Cool old sprue. I've used the missile launchers for my Scythiak spawn riders, and the old conversion beamers are due to be used sooner or later.

  2. Looking good.

    I really like that old autocannon. I had not seen that one before.


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