Monday, September 2, 2013

Death Guard Land Raider plus chopping up terrain

Decided to work on the Nurgle Land Raider.  Intentionally messy, but without all the greenstuff fungus and tentacles that many feature.

Zoom out shot, showing the whole section of my old city table.  There are six 2'x2' sections, making a 6'x4' table, where the roads can line up regardless of what you place where.  I've been talking about cutting it up for a while to make it more 6th-friendly with alternating player terrain placement and also to make it a lot more transportable.  May actually happen soon.


  1. I kinda like the rusty look you have going. Is it just a thick coat of sepia wash?

    1. Mostly. I spread over trasparent smoke (thin black) to hit the recesses and start the slop, then brushed bone back over, added the green/metals/yellow, more bone brush for highlights, then lots of sepia wash. Doesn't show well in the pics, but also some orange ink around rivets and a few other spots.


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