Monday, September 23, 2013

40K League Battle Report: Space Sharks vs. Luigi Marines (Space Wolves)

My most recent league game, this time vs. Landon's Mario Brothers themed Space Wolves.  1500pts, Scouring, Vanguard Strike.

Landon went with a pod- and plasma-heavy force.  Three groups of three Wolf Guard with combi-plasmas, two Grey Hunter squads with twin plasma all in pods, two smaller squads of GH with plasma and WG with combi-plasma on foot and a Wolf Lord on thunderwolf with four more thunderwolves as an escort.  Ouch.

I set up with the whirlwind in some woods with terminators behind to block off easy first turn rear armor shots, with assault squad and librarian further up the edge ready to go where needed.  Belial, big terminator squad, speeder and 5-man tac squad in reserve.  Librarian powers were Telekine Dome and Psychic Shreik.

Landon sets up with the foot squads near objectives, and lord+twcavalry ready to charge ahead.  The snazzy Scouring value counters and mysterious objective counters are from Fred's Warhammer Stuff.

My first turn was largely uneventful.  I kept the squads where they were and cast Telekine Dome, rolling a twelve and promptly taking my librarian down to one wound.  Doh!

The wolf guard pipes burst up from the ground, and with resounding "doing" noises, the marines jump out, fists held high before reaching for their combi-plasmas.  One pipe was routed off the table and back into reserve, looking for the right connecting elbow pipe to bring it back to the field.  The assault squad gets hammered, losing half of its members but thankfully not running off the table.  Lizard riders move towards the Sharks.

Alternate view, prior to assault squad being half-vaporized.

Blurry turn two, Belial and terminator mass lands on the edge and lights up a small grey hunter squad.  No scatter deep strike is fun.

Tac squad walks on, and combined with assault squad and terminators wipes out the wolf guard suicide squad for First Blood.

Meanwhile the Librarian jumps to the top of the ruins to survey the scene.  Ignoring the lord and combat-focused squad for now, he focuses his psychic might on the other wolf guard squad, exploding their brains, which for some reason generate some kind of golden coins when they burst.  Obviously evidence of unsanctioned mutation.

More pipes burst up, and plasma and bolter shots slam into the terminators, killing several.

Speeder arrives, fire pours into thunderlizards and grey hunters.  Tacs and assault squad move up.  Librarian hops down to shriek the thunderlizards, but their minds hold firm.

Terminators charge and destroy grey hunter squad.

Lizards charge into terminators.  Belial goes down to a thunderhammer, while power fists pull down the non-lord cavalry.  Last wolf guard pipe comes up and the combi-plasmas shoot up some assault marines.

Pipe blown up, tacs move towards objective in middle, assaults whittle down wolf guard.  Next they charge in and kill him, but two assault marines go down to pipe stormbolter fire soon after.

Lizard lord vs terminators; he whittles them down, but they manage to beat him with one terminator remaining.

The remaining terminator moves up to assault the squad by the 4-pt objective, but dies in overwatch.

Speeder moves up to grab objective; fire and terrain rolls keep the grey hunters from getting in range to contest.

The game ended turn six, with me holding 11pts of objectives, plus first blood, slay the warlord and a fast attack (thunderwolves) bonus point to his two point objective and slay the warlord; 14-3 win for the Space Sharks!

Whew.  The volume of plasma fire really worried me.  Thankfully it didn't all get focused on the terminators.  I knew that the big squad could take out the TWC but it would be a pretty mutually assured destruction, and if I was whittled down too much beforehand I could be in trouble.  As it turned out, I got some good use out of them before the matter-antimatter collision.  The whirlwind did decently this game, killing a few marines and getting a crucial pin on the grey hunters by the four-point objective, keeping them from moving close enough to it. 

Fun game, always enjoyable vs. Landon.  Unfortunately it sounds like he may be shelving 40K for a while due to other real-life and hobby time issues, but when he returns it will probably be with IG!  I always love seeing IG on the table, so definitely look forward to that!

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